Webinar Invitation: Next-Generation Trauma Therapy


Dr. Shai Tabuli is an amazing philosopher and anytime I have an opportunity to tell you about his workshops or lectures, I will. He has a free workshop coming up that could be of great value to you. Here it is:

In the expanded state of consciousness,

we find the courage to face our memories,

not as victims but as architects of our destiny,

turning our past pain into a narrative

of triumph and resilience.



Webinar Invitation: Next-Generation Trauma Therapy


We are hosting a free live webinar,Next-generation trauma therapy: Healing traumas and negative memories with the power of expanded states of consciousness.” on Sunday, April 28.

Seats in the webinar room are limited.

If you are interested, just click the following link and reserve your free seat:

Would you like to join?

Have you ever wondered why it is enough to remember a challenging and emotional situation from the past (even it happened many years ago) and the same emotions are there again, fully active, as if it just happened a few moments ago?

It’s a good question to ask yourself Echo.

We still carry formative experiences from the past with us. This makes it impossible for us to react freshly and freely to challenging situations. In a sense, we are constantly acting from the past.

In order to be able to live a life of freedom, we must therefore learn to consciously process the past and transform all the imprints it has created in us.

And this is exactly where the expansion method comes into play.

… it allows us to dive into an expanded consciousness, tap into our “higher self”, recognize our inner wisdom, heal past hurts and re-encounter past traumas from a perspective of inner power and freedom.

This is one of the gifts of expanded consciousness.

What could it change in your life to systematically and reliably dive into expanded states of consciousness and be able to release negative memories at their root?

The upcoming webinar with Tamar Brosh is an invitation to do just that.

There won’t be too much theory—just as much as we need to go one step deeper. And then there will be a guided expansion meditation to give you a direct experience of expanded consciousness.

If you have been thinking about attending the Trauma Intensive Workshop in May but still have questions, this open evening is particularly suitable for you. We will experience a small expansion together, and this time there will be plenty of room for your questions.

It takes place this Sunday, April 28, at 19:00 CET.

If you are curious and want to learn more,.

Click here to sign up.

Yours, with love and joy,


(Team Shai Tubali)


Learn to Let Go of the Past with Dr. Shai Tubali and Tamar Brosh

May 9-12, 2024

In this intensive 4-day workshop, you will learn how to release negative emotions, memories, and traumas at their root using the power of expanded states of consciousness, and uncover and dissolve the ties that keep you connected to and shaped by the past.

The Summer Retreat 2024

August 15–22, 2024,  SEINZ Wisdom Resort, Germany


Experience through asanas, pranayama, and Kriya Yoga the union of body and mind.


Inspiring talks, organic vegan wholefoods, nourishing nature, healing silence.


Immerse yourself in the deepest core of yoga with Patanjali. Discover the boundlessness of your true nature.

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