War in Ukraine

War in Ukraine

People are asking me to say something positive about the war in Ukraine and unfortunately, there’s very little positive to say. But if we can look at it from a higher perspective, there are a couple of things I can say about it.


First, we need to remember that we come to Earth to experience everything possible. We come to learn everything we can from everything on our plates (and other people’s plates). This is how we, our souls, grow. If life were always the same, always peaceful, delightful, easy, what would we learn? Millions of us are opposed to this war and we feel the pain of it. Why? Because we’ve been in wars ourselves in previous lives and died in them. We know the casualties that people suffer because of one man’s ego to rule the world.


All of us at one time or another believed war was the answer. Go kill the enemy. That was our consciousness until we lived it and died from it. Thousands of souls will learn from this war. Will learn that it does not solve anything. It kills people who believe it’s important to protect their country and their freedom.


If you are having a particularly difficult time with the actions in Ukraine, ask God, the Universe for healing. This could be signaling an un-healed wound in your soul from past trauma. Reach out to the PenPal program. I will assign  a healer to you who will send healing everyday for 14 days. There’s no fee. We only ask that you let us know how you’re doing and if you need more. Bodine.echo@gmail.com. Send your name, city and state and what you need healing for.


The other day I did a meditation for one of my classes and the message that kept coming through was PRAY FOR A QUICK RESOLVE.           Send that message out into the Universe. PRAY FOR A QUICK RESOLVE. When this is over, we will watch how this will all fall into place. There is always a divine plan in working things out inspite of humankinds ego.


I also want to strongly suggest that you please direct your thoughts to your intuition. Ask for guidance as to how to deal with this war.  Live from a place of compassion. Right now it’s so easy to be fearful and angry………..but that’s only going to harm your body. Send love to the people of Ukraine. Send healing that they find solutions quickly. Bombard them with loving energy, so that they are lifted up out of fear and they can hear their own intuition guiding them to safety.

Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter