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Hi everyone. I’m so thrilled to share a special episode of Enough Is Enough with all of you tonight (8pm CT). I’ve invited Casey Constant, a very talented past life regressionist to join us for what promises to be an important — and l believe potentially, life-changing — discussion.
We’ll be discussing the benefits of past-life regression (PLR) and how the process can transform your life. To give you just a preview, check out what Casey posted on my Facebook page just this Saturday:
Besides the fact that diving into your subconscious and basically TRAVELING THROUGH TIME AND SPACE is freaking MAGICAL, past life regressions have so many other benefits!
Here is a list of the most common benefits of PLR:
1. Discover your lifes’ purpose
2. Heal emotional wounds
3, Understand family dynamics
4. Overcome fears and phobias
5. Resolve past life traumas
That all sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, I can personally attest that it is, from my own experience (including receiving regressions from Casey herself) and hearing about thousands of client and student PLRs over the years. I hope you can join us tonight. It will be such a fun and informative hour.
You can see Casey in person for a past life regression (PLR) at Echo’s Healing Center in Richield, MN every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.
To learn more about PLR and to book a session with Casey, go to or follow Casey on Facebook and Instagram (Casey_Constant).
P.S To watch. go to, click on the menu and then ‘Watch Us Live Now’

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