Time For An Update On Neuro-Strength

It’s been two months since I did the brain balancing at Neuro-Strength (Brain State Technologies) and I wanted to give you an update. Alot of people have asked me if I continue to feel better or if I’ve slumped back to the “old me.”

It continues to amaze me. My mind continues to be more clear. I finish my sentences without effort and I’ve had alot of problems with that since having a stroke a few years ago. I find words much quicker when having conversations. My memory continues to improve. The creativity I’m experiencing is also amazing me. Many people know me as a pretty creative person, but since getting my brain balanced, the creative idea’s that flow through me are constant.

This new book I’m working on is almost effortless and this is a first for me. With all the problems my brain has had with memory and sentence structure, writing has not been very easy the last few years. There were many times when I sat at this computer, writing stories for Look for the Good and You’ll Find God and I would cry because I could only remember significant pieces of the stories I wanted to write about. Sometimes it took days to get one story pulled together in my mind.
Now, the stories flow with very little effort on this new book.

I’ve decided to go back for more sessions starting next week. I have two issues that I want more help with. One is the depression that seems so deep inside my soul. For the most part, I’m a very happy person since getting the brain balancing, but I’ve noticed that I’m feeling that deep sadness inside again. It’s nothing like it used to be, but I want to nip this in the bud once and for all. The trainers assured me that this is not uncommon when it comes to depression so I don’t feel like I’m going backwards. I just feel like we’ve definitely peeled several layers of that depressed onion and it’s time to go even deeper.

The other issue is weight loss. They now have 2 specific protocols for weight loss that I’m anxious to try out. Something that I’ve gotten in touch with and embarrassed to admit is that I’m afraid of this one. I’ve realized that as much as I hate this extra weight on my body, I’m afraid to be thin again. As I stated in the earlier blogs about my weight issues, I’ve successfully done just about every diet on the books. I’ve lost the weight. I’ve bought the new clothes and gotten lots of positive attention, but that’s the part that always freaked me out was the attention and I’m 100% sure that’s why I put it all back on.

Growing up in my family, outer beauty was a very big deal to my dad. My mom was a thin, very beautiful model for Daytons and he wanted my sister and I to be models. We went to modeling school when we were young and I was never comfortable in that role. My dad was so proud of my mom and sister because they were models. Me? I felt most comfortable with a twinkie in my mouth, staying home on a Saturday night sewing. I couldn’t stand the attention on the runway and felt awful when I told my parents I didn’t want to do it.

There seems to be certain expectations when you’re thin. I know the patterns in my brain are messed up when it comes to weight and all that goes with it. But I also want to move past this stuck place and learn how to be comfortable in my own skin while being thin. I’m 62 years old. Since Brain State entered my life two months ago, I feel more confident than ever. The self doubt is so minimal, most of the time it doesn’t seem to be there at all.

My creativity is at an all time high. My mind is clear. I’ve got great energy to get things done. I feel happier and more alive than I have in years. My meditative time with God is phenomenal. My work is getting stronger every day. My heart is still wide open with love. The part that would always try to sabotage the good hasn’t reared it’s ugly head in months. So why not tackle these last two issues in my life. If I feel vulnerable as a thin person, I can always wear big sloppy shirts until I feel comfortable. I can do this. I can learn how to do this.

I’ll keep you posted. And also, many of you have asked me for the locations of Brain State throughout the country, so here’s a link to their directory. http://brainstatetech.com/locations .

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter