The “Yeah But” Club

When I had my radio show here in the Twin Cities called Intuitive Living, each week listeners would call in with great intuition stories. There was also a group that we called the “yeah but club”. Those were the listeners that were told to do something intuitively but their head said “yeah but” and did not follow through on the guidance they received and they shared how that experience turned out for them.

One story comes to mind that I’d like to share with you because it’s one of those OMG stories:

It was Christmas time and the topic that night was listening to your intuition when buying Christmas presents. A lady called in to say that she was part of the “Yeah But Club” that week because she was shopping at a Target store and they had one certain kind of Barbie doll there. Her intuition told her to buy it and her head told her intuition “Yeah But” there was no reason to so she left the store without it.

When she got home, she got a call from her sister saying that her little niece really wanted that particular Barbie and they were hard to find and if she ran across one, would she please buy it? She jumped in the car and drove back to the Target but the doll was gone. She said she could have kicked herself all the way home.

The next caller that called in was not a member of the “Yeah But Club.” In fact, she won the prize for best story of the week. She was at a different Target the same day and ran across that Barbie doll. Her inner voice strongly guided her to buy it and she said that although she has all boys and could not find any reason to buy that doll, she knew she had to trust her inner voice so she bought it.

Then she said she finally understood why she was meant to buy that doll and said that the doll was meant for the lady that called before her. They made arrangements to meet at the radio station the next day so that she could give her the doll!

It’s a great reminder that we can only see a small portion of what’s going on in our lives from our limited human perspective but our inner voice can see the whole picture and knows what’s ahead for each of us. That’s why it’s so important to trust what we’re being guided to do whether we understand it or not.

Your Turn

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Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter


  1. Jeffrey on August 26, 2011 at 10:35 am

    God told me to drop out of school and move away from home during the winter of 2008/2009. At the time I was 24/25 years old, a full-time junior in college, and a part-time produce clerk at a large grocery store.

    During the previous few years I had been studying Edgar Cayce (Eddy, my hero), and had clearly come to the end of my metaphysical education. I understood the mystical experiences of my adolescence, and what my purpose in life really was: to eschew the irresponsible hungers of the material Earth, and serve as a spiritual emissary for the Father. The shibboleth of this right of passage was my ability to intellectualize, experience, and manifest Panentheism — with a big assist from Julian of Norwich.

    I was ready then to move on, and everyone on the other side knew it. Powerful minds were sending messages to me every night, teaching me how to become a spiritual giant. But when this call was given, I could not answer. The responsibility was too much: I had to meet the demands of academia, work, long-standing physical sickness, unhealthy friendships, an emotionally sick and depraved family, and the clarity of an objective mind — able to see that he had never been loved well enough as a human being to stand up steadfastly to answer the Father’s call. Although a few have expressed it to me from the other side, no human being has ever said they love me.

    After this failure I had a nervous breakdown, and have had dozens over the past few years — they are like tremors after an earthquake: once the big one hits, it loosens up the ground for the temblors to break through more easily. I lost $3,000 after a ridiculous stroke-related hospital visit, and had to quit my job. I never moved away from my stumbling-block of a family, and clung to the unhealthy friendships that also held me back from transcending. But I did end up graduating from the liberal arts college that tried to suppress my individuality whenever I expressed my belief in faith over the empirical. Hallelujah!

    Today I am a complete basket case. I can only sleep for a few hours at a time — once or twice a night. I am still unemployed. My degree means absolutely nothing since I’m not healthy enough, or naive enough, to endure graduate school. And I am a completely half-baked human being in the sense that I am literally between two worlds. The psychic advances I made stuck, but they were not complete when I quit. I now hear things all the time, but they are much weaker than the clairaudience I used to communicate with. It is schizophrenia, most likely. I am now 27 years old, and so broken that I’ll probably never be strong enough again to make another run at my dreams. My foundation just wasn’t strong enough to answer the Father’s call (the one I asked for) in adulthood. That is the lesson.

    I know this is more of a “Yeah…, but” for not answering the call with psychic phenomena, rather than that of intuition. But I thought I’d share my experience anyway. A younger me would very much like to read it.

  2. Brenda on August 27, 2011 at 1:26 am

    One afternoon a while ago, I had a doctors appt. It was a routine appt with my chiropractor, so it didn’t make sense when I kept having this gnawing feeling that I should just skip it…I rationalized that this didn’t make any sense, as I’d literally be one block away. Yet, this feeling continued the entire morning. I, in my infinite wisdom, decided that I was being silly and decided to go. I arrived and everything went as usual, however as I was about to leave, my Dr. stopped me before I could go back out to the waiting room, and he asked me if I was sure I wanted to go out there. I was quite confused and managed to cautiously ask him why. Turns out my ex husband had decided to show up without an appt. that day. I had been in a very abusive marriage for 26 years and had finally managed to kick him out. My ex took great pleasure in making my life absolutely miserable before his departure and even more so after. Thanks to my Dr.’s quick thinking and being very cognizant of my safety at that moment, he safely shuffled me into another treatment room until it was safe for me to leave. My relationship with my ex was so debilitating that this incident left me quite rattled, so much so, that the receptionist didn’t want me to drive. I shook and cried the entire drive home.

    Needless to say, I have never gone against such strong feelings again. I will be forever eternally grateful to my Dr. for taking such good care of me that day.

  3. Diane on August 27, 2011 at 3:25 am

    On Sunday August 21, 2011 my Step-Dad was sick and in the hospital and I knew he wouldn’t make it much longer but the doctors told us it would probably be days. I had a strong feeling that I should stay but I had a ride home with my brother and left anyway. While I was at home, my Step-Dad died. I feel horrible that I wasn’t there with my Mom when my beloved Second Dad passed. My advice to all of you is, LISTEN to you intuition for everything in life. It’s rarely wrong.

  4. Cici Baby on August 30, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    Last Saturday night, I was supposed to go to a concert with a friend of mine, but all week it didn’t feel “right.” It had slipped my mind that we had made plans for it, and there was something else that came up that I would have rather done, so I kind of chalked up my feelings to that. But still, it just felt like our evening just wasn’t going to happen. Saturday I had a message from my friend that she was throwing up and wouldn’t make it that night. Yipes!!

    Then the same friend and I had planned to take a little trip with our two little girls overnight to St. Louis. I had really been looking forward to it, but just a couple of days before the trip i had a REALLY bad feeling about it that wouldn’t go away. When my friend got sick Saturday, I thought, “Well, I guess that’s it–we’re not going after all!”

    I called my friend Sunday to see how she was doing and to feel her out about the trip. She said she was feeling much better and up to the trip (YAY! But…. RATS, in a way, you know?). I said I had been “thinking” and wondered if, since we were leaving Monday afternoon and coming back Tuesday, if we’d really have enough time to have fun. (I did NOT want to be the “woo woo/I have a premonition” lady, so I did not ‘fess up to having something as dumb as an Indiana Jones-style “bad feeling about this”!!) I said I was also a bit concerned about not getting there until after dark in a strange town–I really dislike night driving anyway. She suggested taking the train, so I thought that sounded like a pretty good compromise. Besides, I didn’t want to keep throwing up objections. So we left on the train Monday afternoon. The girls were having a blast, then the other little girl said she was really tired and wanted to lay down. By then, she looked very pale and had developed dark circles under her eyes. Within 40 minutes, she had spiked a high fever, had a racing heartbeat, and shallow, rapid breathing! We thought quickly and decided to turn back. My friend was, understandably, freaking out. We only got as far as Sedalia, MO–halfway to St. Louis. Turns out it was the only place we’d be able to grab the last train back home that night. If not, we would have been stuck in a strange town, at night, with a very sick kid!! Since we had to wait over an hour for the train, I hiked into the town square in Sedalia and found a thermometer and Tylenol. After a dose of medicine, her fever broke and she ended up feeling much better by the time we got back, thank God!! Funnily enough, both my friend and I had considered packing Ibuprophen, only to think it was crazy for an overnight trip!!

    All in all, everything worked out well, actually. Spirit took VERY good care of us. We were able to cancel the hotel and get a refund, got a partial refund from Amtrak, and (though I’d lost our garage ticket) didn’t even have to pay for parking! We got off the train at the right time to be able to get home that night, and the station where we waited was within walking distance of an open store where I could buy medicine and a thermometer.

    Last weekend gave me a HUGE lesson in listening to my gut, that’s for sure. I chalked up my feelings to everything BUT my IB: Mercury retrograde, guilt over wanting to change plans, outright paranoia…. It’s an uncomfortable feeling, calling off plans because I have a “bad feeling.” Surely I can find a way to do it gracefully in the future…. When her daughter was feeling better, I shared my premonition about the trip. When we dropped our friends off, my mom friend semi-jokingly told me that the next time I felt bad about something, TELL HER!

  5. Shelley on September 6, 2011 at 12:28 am

    When my son was 5 ( he’s now 36) my friend was working PM shift and wanted me to come over after work to watch movies. I also worked PM shift but happened to be off that night and wanted to stay home because I was tired. I was really tired and did not want to leave home but she wanted company and finally I said yes. I went to her house, was restless and finally said I had to go home!

    I drove home, looked at the house before parking and saw the window was open- very unusual for early early in the morning!! Not unusual when you’ve been robbed, and to make it worse my son and husband were behind a closed door off the living room where the thieves had been busy!! I became a believer that day, to listen to my inner voice, that had been screaming at me to stay home that night, that I had ignored because I didn’t want to disappoint my friend.

    I discovered that night that no one is as important as me when it comes to my safety and those I love. All I need to know as I journey through this lifetime is already within me. I have been given all the tools I need to navigate the road ahead. My success lies in the decisions I make and how closely I listen to that small voice.

    • Leigh on August 31, 2011 at 8:10 pm

      This is such a perfect example of the mental gymnastics we put ourselves through just to avoid having to tell people what we’re “feeling.” Thanks for sharing what was going on with your internal dialogue all weekend! This may have to be one of next week’s posts…how often do we decide NOT to tell other people what we’re feeling for fear of sounding odd or too “woo woo!” Your friend’s reaction at the end is just awesome, and you’re right…Spirit really was looking out for you!

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