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This is from my friend Lors in Scotland who is responding to my Blah Post a couple weeks ago. I think you’ll enjoy it.

I saw your email about feeling blah, and I thought that I would share some of my spring time motivation, from over the pond with you.

Here in Bonnie Scotland it’s very cold but the sun is shining and movement is happening above the earth; blossom is on the trees, and the first flowers have pushed their heads above ground.

There is a feeling in the air that it’s time for a change. New beginnings are itching to be found.


Everything is energy.

Everything in your house should have a use, or bring you joy.

Everything should have a home.

I’m sure it’s not just me that stares at piles and clutter, and thinks that I really should do something?!?

with that feeling of spring in the air, and all the adventures summer brings, I actually feel motivated to tackle it!

Now is the perfect time to create a clean, clear and clutter free environment. One that works for you, not makes you work.

I love thinking of items I remove from my home bringing great joy or convenience to someone else. It makes letting go so much easier.

You can Marie Kondo “the life changing magic of tidying up” or just tackle one area or draw at a time.

But help get the energy of spring flowing and just start!


Everything is energy.

What frequency are you vibrating at? Are you still in hibernation mode?

Now is a great time to raise your energy and get creating!

There are soo many ways to do this. Drawing, painting, sewing, cooking… not feeling inspired?!?

A vision board could be a good place to start. How would you like your summer to look? How do you want to feel?

Grab an old magazine, or if you prefer digital I’d recommend Pinterest, and start collecting images and words to bring into your life. Even if you find images online, try printing them and playing with the words and images to actually create something physical, if that’s available to you.

You can make it as busy or as simple as you feel drawn to.

You can also create a album of the time already passed. It’s never to late to print some photos and add some journaling to record a memory you’d like to hold on to. It doesn’t have to be a day by day or even month by month, you can just collect stories, randomly, in a notebook.


I could write for days about journaling. I have so many notebooks that house different words.

One for brain dumps. One for things I’ve learnt. One for my spiritual journey. One for my mental, emotional, physical development… one for things I hope to do/try, # one day.

It’s my belief that everyone should put pen to paper, even if for only 5 minutes, everyday. It’s life changing!


I’m very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful greenery. The view from my house of “my hills” is inspiring, even after 10 years!

But there’s something about flowers that makes my heart sing.

Don’t have a garden?!? What about a window box? Grab a packet of seeds and feel the joy as the seeds you planted grow and flourish into something beautiful.

Doesn’t appeal. Apply the growth mentality to something that fills your heart with joy. Remind yourself to take photos of the progress so you can look back and visually see “it” come together.


When I’m cold, I struggle to move my body. My pulse only raises when Jamie Frasure is on screen or Claire has found trouble again.. or does trouble find Claire? (Outlander reference)

My muscles feel stiff and short. The thought of running through a field with the kids, the smell of pollen in my nose, heat on my face, insects and birds chirping, beauty all around me, quite frankly, sounds like a movie scene, not my reality. Did I really run and do handstands 6 months ago?!?! (at 40) my mind ponders, as I struggle to raise from the chair, pins and needles in my feet from sitting too long, having been lost for hours in a good book…

Starting is the hardest part. Wouldn’t you agree?

I need to attach a new habit onto an old one. Convincing my brain helps; How will I feel if I don’t start? what would happen if I stayed the same, or worse, get weaker!?!?

I’ve discovered that finding something I do everyday with ease, and then attaching something new to it helps a new habit develop.

Classes are also a great way to stay on track, as you have accountability. You also have the opportunity to meet new people.

As that’s not in my budget, I’m heading to youtube. Adding a 10minute “yoga with Adriene” to my favourites list.
A morning walk to get coffee, in gym wear, rather than my usual jeans, and a 10 minute stretch on my return, soon becomes a routine I look forward to. That stiffness in my neck begins to ease…

find something that you look forward to. It makes it so much easier. I love the taste of the smooth textured milk as it slips down my throat. Walking in, finding the yoga video with a few clicks; my movement gets smother with each practice. what is there for me to not love?

I like to approach exercise with the mindset that I am celebrating everything my body is capable of, rather than let’s see what my body is capable of. But if a spinning class is more your jam or latino dancing gets your juices flowing then do what works for you. Don’t know? Keep trying, you will find it!


Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.

I’m very cosy in my comfort zone. I have learnt that I like my own company, and I can easily fill the time. But recent events have brought chaos into my days, and chaos is the catalyst for change.

A friend kindly said, “you are the inhibitor of that change if you let yourself miss out on the opportunity to be uncomfortable”

“But who wants to be uncomfortable?!?” I replied.

“whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” He smiled.

I believe my eyes rolled at that last one.

I should say here how grateful I am that I have a friend who helps me sit comfortably in uncertainty, by sitting with me. Gently reminding me that a difficult time can be a chance to create new, rather than hide under my duvet, desperately trying to cling on to what has been.

I can completely invent myself, if I desired. Nothing is permanent, and I am not a tree (stuck) I can learn something new. Think new thoughts. I have so many options available to me, if, I stop being stubborn and relax into change; seeing what possibilities present them self, or what new opportunities I go looking for. All I have to do is decide.
When fear enters your mind, flip the switch. After all, both fear and faith demand you believe in something you cannot see. You have the power to choose.
I hope I am able to send you some warm spring energy within my words.
Take care.
Much love,