Strange Ghost Fact #3 … and that time JFK and Elvis showed up to one of my readings!

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Question: I have a friend who can’t get past the death of their loved one. Sometimes I have a feeling that the deceased person’s spirit is holding on to the Earth plane because of my friend can’t let go. Am I making this up?

Ghost Fact: No, you’re definitely not making this up. People have a tendency to pull on the soul of a deceased person when they die. That can be tough on the soul. When you hear of someone dying, always encourage them to go into the light instead of staying here and remaining earthbound. You don’t want to encourage anyone to become a ghost. It’s not good karma!

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“Famous Ghosts”

This next story is more of a fun famous spirit story than a ghost story. It happened back in the early 90s.

“A woman came to me for a psychic reading. One of her questions was that she wanted to know if my guides agreed with several psychics who all told her that she was a certain person in her very recent past life. She told me nothing more, so I waited for my guides to respond to her question.

Within a minute, the soul of Elvis Presley came into my office and said:

“Hi, Mare.”I’m sure my mouth was hanging wide open as I sat there staring at the King. He began a dialogue with her (me translating what he was saying) and everything indicated that they had been very close friends.

Elvis looked wonderful—young, healthy, vibrant, and quite happy to see her and talk to her again.

After Elvis was finished speaking to her, the soul of John F. Kennedy came into my office. Now, even I was questioning my sanity. He too said the name “Mare” and said it was great to see her again.

This was followed by a visit from Peter Lawford, who called the woman Marilyn. They all stood talking to their old friend Marilyn Monroe, reminiscing about the good ol’ days. They were all so gracious, so gentle with her. It was really fun to be a part of that experience.

After the spirits left, I asked the woman if it was true that other psychics had told her she was Marilyn Monroe in a past life. She said that every one of them had told her that, and that this wasn’t the first time Elvis Presley or JFK had showed up to one of her sessions!”

— excerpt from The Little Book of True Ghost Stories, Echo Bodine

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