Spirit Communication

I just tried doing a reading for a long time client and once again, the guides were very selective about what they said and they kept it very short. The trend that I’ve seen happening in readings lately is that the guides are saying that God and our guides are really putting an effort into communicating with us right now and many people aren’t recognizing it. Have you been feeling guided to take more alone time for yourself lately? Is the Universe setting things up so that you have more quiet times these days? Lately I’ve been so aware of amaze of how much spirit activity there is right now on earth. Good Spirit Activity. Some people assume all spirit activity is negative but ;lately when someone emails me about a “ghost” problem in their home, I’m asking them to really give thought to what it feels like when the “ghost” is trying to get their attention and alot of people are telling me that it never occurred to them that it would be anything good.

Last night in my Advanced Psychic Class we were talking about spirit activity in our homes and many of the students are having spirit experiences. It was good to talk about them and help people realize that a lot of what we’re hearing right now, the banging and tapping, mumbled voices or sparks of light are all positive indications that their guides are trying to communicate. In the past I would have immediately assumed the person has a ghost when they called or emailed about these kinds of symptoms, but now that there is this shift taking place, it’s not ghosts as much as it’s honest to goodness spirit communication.

Remember that a spirit is simply the soul of someone who is physically deceased, so many of these visits could be deceased relatives. If you are having these kinds of experiences, don’t panic. Let the experience play out. They communicate to us in their own way. Remember that they do not have voice boxes like we do, so they need to be creative in how they get our attention. if you can grab a piece of paper and pencil, sit down, close your eyes and just write whatever words or feelings come to you, that might help understand the communication. Unfortunately if you’re head starts trying to figure it out, you might write down all kinds of scary stuff you saw in a movie, so try, really try not to engage your mind in the experience. You can analyze it after it’s over but not while it’s happening.

Even though this is not where I meant to be going in this blog, I think it’s pretty important to mention it because it’s going to be happening a lot for the next several months. The folks on the other side are trying very hard to give us guidance right now. We are a changing planet. Our consciousness is really trying to shift and as I said in a couple of blogs again, the old is hopefully moving on and the new is coming in. The image that just came to me is the old telegraph machine. Are we going to let it go once and for all and let the new ways of communication come in or are we going to continue to live on this planet the same old way. This new energy is trying so hard to shift things for us. To make life easier rather than harder.

Unfortunately many people don’t believe they deserve life to be easier………..remember that old suffering message that plays over and over in your head that I mentioned a few blogs ago? Well the messages I’ve been getting are for people to really let go of having to do life the same old way and be willing to continue to progress in terms of how we do things on the planet.

I don’t want to get sidetracked. I started the blog to write about listening to the guidance from within and I want to stay on that train of thought. Have you notice how often men on tv shows are referring to their gut??? OMG. I get so excited every time I hear someone make mention of it. I love how intuition is waking up in the consciousness of the men. Women have known for centuries that they have this internal gut knowingness and now we’re seeing this huge shift in men realizing they have it as well.


Something I realized with my last client is that many people just need to know they are on the right track. We can feel these changes coming and many people want to know what it all means, but the guidance I’m receiving for many of my clients is to listen daily for guidance and trust that all is in divine order.

I know many of you don’t like the word meditation (same reaction I have to the word e x e r c i s e) but if you could make an effort to have some quiet time in your day that could be very helpful for you. Maybe go for a walk by yourself (or with your dog of course) and ask the Universe/God if it has any guidance for you.

You want to be relaxed. You want to be in a mental place of receiving. Of course you can chat all you want, but you need to give God time to talk back. That’s what meditation is.

The thing that people get frustrated with is that they think God’s voice should be like James Earl Jones, but the bummer is that it isn’t. It’s soft, subtle and has a feel about it of “a knowing.” Sometimes it has a female sense about it and other times it’s a male energy.

Have you ever heard yourself say “I just know this”. That’s knowing. That comes from inner guidance.

I’m writing this blog because I want you to be fully aware that there is guidance all around you right now and for the next several months. We always had guidance but as I said earlier, they are making a very concentrated effort to communicate with us.

I also wanted to let you know I’ve decided to change the readings I’ve been doing. For many years I’ve done five questions, 45 minute long readings for $200 and I will continue to do those, but now I’m also going to offer two questions, 22 minutes long for $100. I think it might be helpful for people to have a couple of choices.

I guess that’s it for now. I’ve had this enormous feeling in my heart lately to somehow come through this computer and hug each one of you that reads my books and blogs and Friends me on Facebook.

We’re all in this shift together, so let’s make it a good one.



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Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter