Some Good Astrological News from Maria Shaw

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By Maria Shaw

Finally after four months, lucky Jupiter moves forward and pushes us ahead with exciting times for our future. Somewhere in your personal horoscope Jupiter is working right now as I write this, to help you expand, shine, grow and receive blessings. Jupiter in Leo will continue until early August so take advantage of this lovely aspect and go after your dreams!

Some of you may be dealing with some extra stresses right now but I will tell you that all’s well that end’s well so hang in there. The moon is in Capricorn Friday morning so getting things organized should be your focus before you even begin thinking about the weekend festivities. Otherwise those of you who have too much on your plate, will feel like you’re having an emotional breakdown. Really, some of this stuff needs to go. You can’t do it all. If you’ve been trying to take on the world, your health is probably suffering in some way from the stress. This would be a good time to let things go, slow down and do some self care this weekend.

Venus will be moving into Gemini and will be there until the end of the first week of May. This lovely aspect makes our Gemini friends even more lovely and creates a fun social energy for the rest of us. if you are a writer, in the communications, teaching field or work with kids, you will have a very nice few weeks. Things will probably fall easily in your lap. You will be very effective in your work and also very creative.

I also have other good news to share… week the planet Pluto will go retrograde and this will help Pluto move away from its tedious and challenging hard connection with Uranus. This aspect was responsible for the Hot Mess you found yourself in i since June 2012 and this past month. Now this aspect won’t be back for three decades so you can breathe a lot easier. You’ve grown. You’ve learned some new things. Life is easier. If you are still feeling a bit frazzled and stressed it’s just the aftermath of all of the crazy energy the past three weeks. Those eclipses are over too. So things are getting better but your health and energy are probably playing catch up. This is why I am strongly suggesting you take some down time if you can this weekend.

One more thing…you are apt to have some viivid and telling dream this weekend. Within those dreams are distinct messages meant for you to take to heart. Listen to them. Write them down. They will make sense sooner than later.

Maria’s Moon Calendar Tip

Over the weekend, the moon will be in Capricorn which is great for getting things organized. If you feel the need, it’s a perfect time to purge things from your closest and donate them, do some spritg cleaning and reassess what areas of your life need changing.

Echo Bodine

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