Psychic/Spiritual Development Classes for Teens

Do you have a son or daughter who shows signs of psychic abilities but they are not sure what they are or how to develop them? I’m very happy to say that The Center has psychic/spiritual development classes for teens and the next series starts Sunday, Sept. 20th. The instructor is Tina McGee. Here is the class itinerary for ages 12 – 18.:

Sept 20 6-8pm Spirituality 101
Religion vs. Spirituality; common threads/principles in major religions discussion about prayer; gratitude, cost of class includes a journal – will be taught how to “gratitude journal”

Sept 27 6-8pm Chakras & Meditation
Chakra energy centers discussed in detail. Discussion about meditation – led on a guided meditation in class. Meditation Chakra Stone Set and suggested meditation included in cost of class.

Oct 4 6-8pm Death & Dying (Suicide)
What happens when we die? Discussion around body vs spirit, heaven, and energy; will include excerpts from Echo Bodine’s book: What Happens When We Die . Discussion will include the topics of teen suicide and depression. cost of class includes a “suicide prevention kit”

Oct 11 6-8pm Guides & Angels (Totems)
Discussion about spirit guides, angels and animal guides….. how they help and how to connect with them. Cost of class includes making angel cards and a pocket sized Animal Speak book.

Oct 18 6-8pm Grounding/Earthing/Clearing
Learn benefits of grounding, earthing (literally putting your body into the earth), and clearing and protecting. Cost of class will include a small sample of sage, palo santo, and florida water.

Oct 25 6-8:30pm Energy & Auras Short discussion on Energy fields and auras, how to see other’s auras, and some of the common meanings of colors within the aura. ***Energy & Aura class includes an Aura photo and reading (3 page summary)- family members can too for an additonal $25 – sign up in advance***

Nov 1 6-8:30pm Intentions & Manifesting
This final class will include discussion around the Law of Attraction, intention setting, and manifesting. ***Class cost includes dream board and manifestation plate materials & closing ceremony at 8:00pm*** Those who have completed all seven in the series will receive a certificate of completion

Here is the website link for the entire series:

Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter