Possessions: A Follow Up and More

Well, haven’t I become a blogger lately? (my publisher would say it’s about time).

Some people have emailed or left Facebook messages to explain to me that they are not material minded people and I want to reassure you that that’s not what the message was meant to say. It wasn’t saying you can’t have them or can’t enjoy them. It was saying don’t make your possessions the thing that defines you.

I just had an image of a person working on their house. It was their whole focus. All of their energy went into making their material possessions AMAZING. But they never thought about working on their soul’s development. The most important work that we come here to do. Love, patience, kindness, understanding, forgiveness, always learning from our experiences. Playfulness, spontaneity, making amends if we hurt someone, living by the Golden Rule. Developing our character and becoming the person we want to be. Every experience in life is an opportunity for our soul to develop further. As we grow our reactions change and shift, we can see our growth. Change is what it’s all about. Always changing and evolving.

tiaraSo don’t worry if you love your material possessions. Just don’t let them define you. Work on the inside so that when your life is over and you’re out of your body, you’re not yelling “do over, do over, I want a do over.” (you’ll get a do over but it won’t be for awhile).

On a brighter note, today is Christmas Eve day and I have that same giddy-ness I always have on this day. One of my best childhood memories of Christmas is driving to Gramma’s along River Road in St. Paul, watching up in the sky for Rudolph. When I was a little girl, airplanes weren’t in the skies like they are today, so every time we saw a red light, we were sure that was Rudolph and we would get so excited we could hardly stand it.

When we got home from Gramma’s, if there was a brand new pair of pajama’s on our bed, that meant that Santa had already stopped by once and would be coming back soon, so we needed to hurry up and eat the oyster stew with the little crackers, down about 10-12 cookies and head to bed. The excitement would be overwhelming. With all the sugar we always consumed, I’m surprised we ever got to sleep but we did. It always felt so special to put on pajama’s that Santa left for us.

Santa doesn’t leave me new pajama’s anymore but I know he’s out there. He comes in many forms and I’m so glad he’s still alive in my child-like heart.

I know many of you are really struggling right now. Life can be a bitch. (yup, I said bitch). It can and it will be. That’s a given. So buckle up and remember that if you tackle life one hour at a time, one day at a time, you can do it. Forget about the future. Forget about worrying about all the tomorrow’s that aren’t here.

Forget about all the negative things for today and tomorrow and just be in the moment. And remember that the birth of Jesus is what it’s really all about. He’s our older brother. He came here to show us our potential. So be excited for yourself. You have amazing potential and that’s what’s important. A brand new year is on the way for you to discover more cool things about yourself.

I’m excited for all of us. I love new beginnings. I wish you new pajama’s on your bed tonight and the sun shining in your life.

Now tell me your favorite Christmas memory.

God Bless

Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter