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                                        But didn’t Jesus talk about believing IN HIM in the New Testament?

Thanks so much for asking this question. Yes, in the Gospels of the New Testament Jesus did talk about believing in him. Early on, Orthodox or traditional Christianity came to profess that you need to believe the right things about Jesus to be “saved” and to get into heaven. More on this later!

For now it’s vital that we realize that “believe in me” is what the ENGLISH translation reads. As I said before, Jesus spoke and taught in Aramaic, the common language of his people. In his language of Aramaic, “believe in me” can either mean “believe in me” or“Believe LIKE me”. Have the same faith and trust in God that I do. Trust that what I am teaching you is authentic.”

And in the context of everything else he said and did, “believe LIKE me” is the only one of the two that makes sense to go with.

Can you see how that changes everything? No longer is the focus on him, which is where the focus of the religion of Christianity and the Church has been. Now, with his teaching of believe LIKE me and have the same faith and trust in God that I do, the focus is back on the One (God). Jeshua was/is always focused like a laser on God, and not himself.

Another huge result of this paradigm shift from “believe in me” to “believe like me” is that no one is excluded. No person of another religion (or a person of no religion) is excluded. This is a message for everyone and does not contradict Jesus’ message of Oneness.

You and I are now encouraged to nurture and live from our own natural and inherent relationship with the One.

What does it mean to have the same faith and trust in God that Jesus did? It involves living as he did. Living from natural and inherent Oneness with the One. In its essence, the soul already knows it is and always will be One with its Source. Our sense of separation comes not from the soul but from the illusions of our ego. For us now as human beings, it is a matter bringing that into our human consciousness (awareness). It’s always a matter of remembering.  It is always a matter of bringing into our consciousness (awareness) what the soul already innately knows. Remembering that we are always naturally connected with the One or Oneness the One. Remember the Aramaic word for God is Alaha (the One, Oneness.)

From there we can simply trust the Flow of Life, or the Flow of energy we call God as it moves within everything.  This flow only wants our highest good. That is what  believing like him looks like for Jesus.

In Matthew 6 Jesus is talking about how we as humans waste so much of our time and energy on worrying. He taught that if you want to know how to live, just stop and contemplate a flower. In this case a flower of the field or a wild flower. Sit with it and learn. “Consider the lilies of the field, how they neither toil nor spin. Yet I tell you Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” Matthew 6:28.  Wild flowers are not taken care of by worried humans struggling to manipulate everything to their desire out of fear. They are totally dependent on nature, or the natural flow. The flower, the tree, and all of nature are constantly preaching a zillion sermons on living as trust. The trust that knows in its very being that all will be provided.

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