I Remember Now ~ What A Good Friday Looks Like ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad Post 60

Today is Good Friday. The day Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus. For traditional, Orthodox Christianity,  it came to be known as “Good” or “God’s Friday”, because Jesus took the sin of the world upon himself and rose victorious on “the Third Day.”

What would a Good Friday look like on this April 7, 2023? It would look like waking up to a world that is growing into remembering that everything must die in order for the new to come.

Yesterday was an historic day for Tennessee and the country. A vote was taken on whether or not to expel three Democratic members of the state legislature for expressing their views on gun control, following the elementary school shooting in Nashville. The vote was framed around the fact that the three members (two black men, Representatives Justin Jones and Justin Pearson) and one white woman ( Representative Gloria Johnson) broke the rules for decorum on the floor of the legislature while doing business.

They used a bull horn and wouldn’t stop disrupting the session. Decorum issue aside, the underlying reason the three felt they needed to take such measures has to be considered. The reasons include that they hadn’t been respected, taken seriously, or listened to in prior committee meetings and in other interactions. Their microphones were literally turned off when they tried to speak. They were treated as less than equal colleagues.

The need to be loud and to disrupt would not have existed if they had been respected and listened to in the first place. What must die here or be expelled? Lack of respect, so respect can rise up.

The two, young, black men were expelled and the white woman was not. What must die here or be expelled? The word ‘racism’ is already being shouted. I think something even deeper must be considered: the SOUL.

Underneath and within the outer labels of race, gender, and politics are three souls. Souls whose essence is of the same energy and Source as those who voted to expel them.  Souls who are God in their essence. What must die here is our primary attachment to outer labels, so that our primary identification with SOUL can rise up.

Three world religions are participating in important celebrations right now. Our Jewish sisters and brothers are observing Passover. Our Muslim sisters and brothers are observing Ramadan. Our Christian sisters and brothers are observing Good Friday. Differences in race, gender, and religion are all purposeful. They serve to raise up growth into soul recognition. If we were all the same, how would we grow? It seems we, as humans, cannot see we are essentially all the same, unless we first see our differences.

Yesterday will be seen, at first glance, as a ‘Bad Thursday’ for respect and soul recognition. It will be seen as a successful attempt to put these to death. But this is how new life is born into this world. Already we see a renewed energy and passion rising up. A passion for justice, love, safety, and soul recognition.

Human consciousness is being raised up through the pain of ‘Bad Thursday.’ People are waking and rising up today with new purpose and commitment.

The great Paradox is not dead, but very much alive and well today. This is a “Good Friday.” Live a Good Friday.

In his speech to the Legislature, Representative Justin Pearson so beautifully stated, “This is about love. Love for all the people.”  This statement resonated so deeply in my soul!

You are love,

Pastor Tim Tengblad





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