I Remember Now ~ Twenty Seconds at Costco ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad Post 48

I saw her as she walked toward me when I entered our local Costco to do some shopping. She was leaving the building, but she was also leaving her mark. With me.

Her face was deformed, and when I looked at her, her eyes looked down on the floor. Something I was afraid that she had been doing her whole life. She also happened to be black. A black woman with a deformed face.

My mind quickly flooded with how my life has progressed and changed. As a child, the kids around me would have made fun of her. And I would be tempted to join them so I could know the acceptance that I know she desperately longed for.

Later as an adult, I joined the ranks of those walking by her and wanting to avoid her by doing our own looking away.

But now, my spiritual journey has brought me to only wanting to kneel before her in total admiration. Right there in Costco. Inside that body is a brave and strong soul that chose to incarnate in a body in which she would have 3 major strikes against her that I will never know: Black, female, and deformed. 3 strikes that will knock her down in the batting order before she even steps up to the plate.

Living from the soul’s perspective. Living life looking out through the eyes of the soul and seeing only the eyes of another’s soul looking back at me has changed me in so many ways.

I could see her as she truly was. A soul with incredible courage to take on the pain, challenges, growth, and learning that her 3 strikes would and could bring her.

It all took about 20 seconds for all that to flow through me. I went in and did my shopping. She left and everyone buzzing around her left. I left taking her with me in my consciousness. I’m not the same.

Souls are amazing!

You Are Love whoever you are dear, brave One!

Pastor Tim Tengblad


Tim Tengblad

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