I Remember Now ~ Totality ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad Post 77

I watched with amazement at the recent solar eclipse. For me, it was not so much the eclipse itself, but the human response to it. You may have heard that one Congress member said the eclipse was God calling us to repent as a nation. According to this belief, God is going to be calling us to repent again on August 12, 2045, when this next natural phenomenon will again occur. I wonder what we’ll be doing at that point to bring about such a celestial call to get our act together? I don’t know. Maybe there’s a certain comfort in believing that God is that organized!

This congress person offered the same interpretation for the folks in New Jersey and New York, who got the double whammy of the earthquake days before the eclipse. What the heck have they been doing?

That aside – far, far aside, and back into reality, I was amazed at the effect and draw of the event. People from all over the world traveled great distances to come here and see the eclipse in its totality. It was an incredible, celestial moment, but what really was the draw?

I think we can start to answer that question when we look at the videos of people watching the eclipse, and the utter sense of amazement and awe. People cried and cheered. People oohed and aahed.

People left their preoccupation with their small, separate selves, and saw their common place in the grand Oneness. Politics, religion, country, race, status, all disappeared for 4.5 minutes. In the darkness shown a great light, and everyone saw their place in the totality of all that is.

We can only know ourselves and our Self in the context of the whole.

There is something within every soul that innately knows it is universally connected to and is part of something infinitely bigger than itself.

For 4.5 minutes we remembered.

You are Love,

Pastor Tim Tengblad


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