I Remember Now ~ What was the message of Jeshua (Jesus) vs. Christianity? Tim Tengblad Post 2

So what was Jeshua’s message and how does it compare to the message of Christianity?

Imagine two fish (George and Emma) are swimming in the ocean. George swims up to Emma. George says, “My friends are telling me about this thing called water. They say I should believe the right things about it. But I don’t know if I even believe in it.” Emma responds with a calm, loving look in her eyes, “George you’re in it. It’s all around you and within you. You’re One with it. We all are. You ARE it. You can’t not be!”

The Christian Church has a checkered history. It has loved and helped countless people. I’ve personally had the opportunity to witness the Church offering comfort, hope, compassion, and community, over and over again. It has tirelessly worked for social justice, reaching out to the poor, homeless, and marginalized. Many hospitals got their start in the Church. It is full of gifted and kind people. To have been a part of all that has been one of the greatest privileges of my life.

It is also true that much of the Church has been on the wrong side of crucial issues like slavery, race, and has inflicted great pain on the LGBTQ community. It has tried to destroy cultures, out of an effort to do “mission work.” It has denied women (to its own detriment) their gifts and leadership. Thankfully that has changed in some Church traditions in my lifetime.

The Church has also spent much of its time in the position of George’s friends. Trying to raise Georges, while focusing on “saving” them by offering ‘correct’ information about God (the water) which is separate from them. Telling them they have to believe the right things about Jesus, so they can go to heaven when they die. Making it all about Jesus, and his divinity as THE Son of God.

In contrast, Jesus spoke and taught in the common language of his people, Aramaic. In Aramaic, the word for God is Alaha. The One, or Oneness. Which tells us everything we need to know about the truth of us, and of all Reality.

In the English version of what became known as ‘The Lord’s Prayer”,  Jesus begins with “Our Father, who art in heaven.” But in Aramaic, he says, ‘Abwoon Washmaya’. Here he paints a picture in the listener’s mind of a divine vibrating energy. And this energy coming out of its interior, as it enters into the world of form, the physical world. The world of you, me, everything that exists on this physical plane.

He’s teaching his listeners to first return to the One(ness) that is already there, in you, me, and all reality. There are no hoops to jump through, religious or otherwise, for Oneness to exist. There is no where to go to be where you already are. This One Truth just is!

For that reason, it makes no sense that Jesus ever intended to start another religion, or a Church. That would go against the very Oneness he taught and lived. Once you start a religion, or a Church, you automatically have people in it, and people outside of it. And those in the circle, will think they are the ones who have it ‘right’, and will try to get “those people” outside of the circle, to join them. When they are already One.

If I were to put the essence of what Jeshua actually taught and lived in one sentence, it would be: to know and live from OUR INHERENT Oneness with the One(ness).

Another way to put it would be to live from the truth of YOUR Being as Divine love and peace. He was pointing to something well beyond believing this as information. He was pointing to becoming aware of what knows this to be true in the depths of your Being, and then living from that energy of knowing. He was about nothing less than a transformation of consciousness (awareness). 

Does it really transform anyone to believe things about someone else? Does it really bring anyone home to the Truth of their own essence (Divine Love), when you only believe that to be true about Jesus?

I believe he was most concerned about what we believe about ourselves, each other, and all of creation. 

Oneness with God is inherent. It is not an accomplishment through believing the right things, by baptism, or any other religious hoops that the Church has told us must be jumped through.

Traditional, Orthodox Christianity has portrayed God as a separate Being. Separate from humans, and creation. God is not a separate Being off in a far off heaven. God is BEING, itself! God (the great I AM, Exodus 3:14) is the AMNESS or ISNESS of life. 

Jesus was giving Emma’s message, ‘You’re already in the water, came from the water, and are made of the water. So much so that YOU ARE IT! You are Divine in your essence. Live from there.

Again, the challenge for us as humans is this: can what the soul inherently knows and is, rise up into our awareness as human beings, so we can remember who and what we are?  How wonderful to grow into those moments when we live from that place!

I welcome your questions or comments about the Church, your experiences within it, the Bible, Christianity, or anything else stirring within you.

You are swimming in the One,

Tim Tengblad




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