I Remember Now ~ “Three-pete” in New England ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad Post 50

In post 34 I wrote of my meeting a wonderful, elderly man named Peter in a tiny, neighborhood restaurant in East Boston. Perhaps you could read it before you keep reading. It’s OK. I’ll wait…………………………………………………………

OK, now that you’re back, I recently returned from another visit to Boston, and met two more times with Peter at our spot, Angela’s restaurant.

The first time involved just the two of us. As I was waiting for our time together, I noticed some lovely and remarkable things going on within.  I noticed this joy, kindness, and calm welling up within me. It helped me remember. I remembered how we can affect one another simply when we think of one another. The energy we give to another truly creates thoughts of a like nature.

Peter is a kind, gentle, peaceful, positive soul. He naturally emanates that to me and everyone else in his own simple way. This creates the thoughts within me that in turn raise up the kindness, gentleness, peace, and positivity that is already within the true nature of my soul. Thoughts do generate action.

The second time we met for breakfast we brought our families together for the first time. My wife and daughter (who now has her own relationship with Peter) met with Peter, his son Peter, and Peter’s lovely granddaughter.

I loved watching Peter cross the street with his son and granddaughter. Peter and his son were holding hands as they crossed the street to the restaurant. It was a true “the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree” moment. Son Peter was showing and emanating the same energy as his father, with a wonderful smile on his face.

As we sat down together, my dear friend Peter said, “this is our new family getting together!” Yup. That’s just what it felt like. It’s amazing how simple kindness creates and expands our sense of family!

The apples kept falling from son Peter with everything he was talking about, joking about, and in his interest in getting to know our family.

Many of us talk about valuing family. These days, through Peter, I’m valuing a much bigger family. The family of humanity.

After our “new” family breakfast, Peter, his son and granddaughter, were off to visit Peter’s grandson at a college in Maine. Guess what Peter’s grandson’s name is.  Yes. It does start with a P.

I first heard the sports term, three-peat, when the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl for the third time. In Peter’s family, I’ve got a feeling that another New England “three-pete” is happening in kindness and positivity.

You are Love!

Pastor Tim Tengblad

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