I Remember Now – They’re Watching, Connected, and Aware! Oh my! Pastor Tim Tengblad Post 47

Something fascinating just happened for me. My wife and I recently had dinner with a dear friend and spiritual sister. At the end of the meal I told her that I was thinking about stopping my writing of this Blog.

She looked surprised and asked me, “Why?”

I said I just don’t get the impression that it matters. I haven’t heard from anyone for quite some time. In fact I was thinking about posting (maybe as my last post) “Is Anybody Out There?” I told her I just wanted to know if people were reading it, and if it was helping people at all.

The very next morning I woke up and checked my emails. The first two emails I always check are a couple of meditations I subscribe to. After sitting with them for awhile and listening to how my soul was responding, I noticed an email from someone titled “Your Writings.” It was from a woman on the East Coast who said she had noticed a post of Echo’s about me and my writings, and that she was drawn in and fascinated and thrilled that a pastor would “step into this arena.” She went on to say she was going to read all my posts and get back to me.

I read it and started laughing. Yup. Right there in bed! Grateful, I said “OK Universe. Thanks for the message. I got it.”

I then sent her a return email and gave her a “you have no idea what this means to me. Just last night I was saying…..”

She emailed back and said that she thought that was interesting. Because as she was emailing me she did not know why she was feeling so compelled to write to me! She really hadn’t read much of my blog.

Now it’s easy to just leave something like this with a quick thank you to the Universe, feel grateful for a bit, and then move on. But then it hit me when I started to think about what it meant if this really did happen as I believe it did. It would mean that someone or something on the Other Side really was aware of how I was feeling inside. It would mean that my guides were aware of my conversation with our friend in a noisy restaurant in St. Paul!

It also means that this someone or something’s vast intelligence and connection with all there is, chose a woman I did not know on the East Coast to send me a message. One that she interpreted as an encouragement to me that I was on the right path and to keep writing.

Think about that! Our Guides on the Other Side are so aware of and connected to us at all times! Every single one of us is that loved, watched over, and cared for! Absolutely amazing!

During my last years of being a Lutheran Pastor I often said that we should be using words like “fascinating” and “mind boggling” and “an indescribable intelligence with infinite capabilities” to describe this Being we call God. You don’t hear those three descriptions of God in the Church. At least I didn’t. In fact the God the Church taught me about was nice, loving, and mostly predicatable because we had our idea of what we wanted this God to be and do. So that is what we saw and talked about. But fascinating? Not so much.

I send this post to you as my encouragement to you. You are so loved. Your Guides, etc. on the Other Side are intimately connected to you beyond your wildest imagination. Do not hesitate for one second to communicate your needs, thoughts, etc. with them and ask them for their help. They are capable of making things happen that you cannot imagine. And they will! In their own time and way.

They are literally watching, connected, and so aware!

Pastor Tim Tengblad

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Tim Tengblad

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