I Remember Now ~The House of Me. Part Two ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad Post 79


In the previous post (#78) I invited us to visualize our human experience as ‘The House of Me’. Everything we experience comes through the front door. Facing the front door are two chairs. In one chair sits our ego, which is an empty illusion of separation from God, everyone, and everything. The ego responds to everything coming through the door from its fears, insecurities, preferences, and judgments. It declares, “This is good. This is bad. I like this. I don’t like that. This should or shouldn’t have come through the door.”

Our True Self, in part, has come for the valuable lessons the ego provides. The True Self grows and matures from them and plops itself down in the adjacent chair for the experience.

Our True Self is our soul rooted in Source. It is pure being and is what we are before we ever think, say, or do anything. It existed before any of our opinions, and will remain after our precious opinions have faded away.

Because of this, the vantage point from the chair of the True Self provides a more clear and accurate view of what’s entering through the front door. Its view is not distorted by the ego’s limited judgments and preferences, so it can allow us to first take the time to get to know what’s coming through the door – as it truly is.

How often have I made an early judgment about someone, or a circumstance only to find out how limited and distorted my ego’s view was? I’m running for my calculator…..

The Third Pillar of Zen Buddhism states that, “the great path is not difficult for those who have no preferences.” There is wonderful wisdom here. So much of our suffering comes from preferring that something or someone be different. I know how true that is. I still have preferences. I would prefer that I didn’t, but I do.

How do we get to know this True Self? While our True Selves have their uniqueness and the Divine works with us accordingly, I believe the following serves the general population.

Our True Self will naturally rise up into our awareness when we:

1. Observe our limited preferences, and not judge ourselves for having them. We know where they are coming from.

2. Practice letting go of our preferences. When we let go and practice getting to know what has come through the door, we can see it as something much better than what our limited preferences could ever bring us. We can see it as “a guide from beyond.”  (a quote from Rumi’s poem, The Guest House.)

You are Love.


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