I Remember Now ~ The Aramaic Lord’s Prayer Part 8 ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad Post 31

Metol dilakhle malkutha wahayla wateshbukhta l’ahlam almin. Ameyn.

For yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.

With our vibration raised through Love, You raise up every peaceful intuition, and all power to do.

May this inner Truth be the ground from which all our actions grow.

What we have here in the end is a summing up. A final vision. In Dr. Klotz’s book “Prayers of the Cosmos”, he points out the following word studies regarding the ending of the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer:

dilakhle is a planting image. “A field fertile and abundant, one sufficient to produce everything”.

malkutha brings back the “I can” of nature and the universe.

hayla refers to THE Life Force flowing within everything that produces and sustains. It is a power in unison with all natural creation.

teshbukhta creates the image of a “song”, a glorious harmony of Divine light and sound in the physical creation. A generative fire that leads to astonishment.

Ameyn (Amen) presents the image of the ground from which all future growth will occur.

I included the words “peaceful intuition.” Dr. Klotz does not have that in his translation. I added it because it is a fruit that naturally grows from all that is done in this prayer. We just naturally know what is right and good to do when we are in such alignment. And we more naturally want to do it. Echo talks about how the inner voice of our intuition is a very simple, peaceful message, short message. Often just a word or two. There’s no emotion often attached to it. Just a peaceful knowing of what to do, or not to do. It comes as more of a point of information.

So. There we have it. By working this prayer, we are being taught to align ourselves with the One’s (God’s) vision for everything. And a committing of ourselves to participate in that vision of Love and Oneness.

As we have seen, before we can cooperate and participate in the Divine vision, there is much “uning” to be done (if I can make up a word here). Much unidentifying with, uncovering, unlearning, and letting go that needs to be done.

Our main job on the spiritual journey as humans, is to dismantle the prison we’ve created. Our addiction to our mind and the ego within it. We do this work to free our soul. We do this work so that what is already planted within us can naturally rise up: Love, and a natural desire to be in harmony with God and to live God’s vision for us and this world.

We do this work not alone, but as partners, co-creators with God.

We co-create by doing the inner work taught in this prayer. After that, everything is already in place by the Great Love, the One. God will do the rest, as God already has.

This is why I love and value the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer. And I hope you now can see why, and that you fall in love with it as well.


So, here is a summary of an English translation of the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer. I invite you to use it in your own spiritual practice. Remember to not rattle it off. But pause, when your soul seems to say to you, “I want to stop there and take this in. Let it do its work on me.” Listen to it say to you, “Let it help me remember. Let it help bring the truth of what is already in me into consciousness/awareness.”

O Birther! Father and Mother who is everywhere. You birth all things in Unity. Your One light, breath, and vibration flowing within all you have given life.

I/We clear holy space around your Name (Presence) already within. Let it be the center on which my/our life turns.

With our natural vibration raising to your tone, I/we awaken the world to its inherent higher vibration of Oneness and Love, as my/our arms reach out to embrace all of your creation.

As we find your love in ours, you awaken a divine cooperation within. From many voices, One voice. One will moving in harmony with yours; as stars and planets dance through the sky.

Grow through us this moment’s bread and insight.

Loose the cords of mistakes binding us, as we release the strands we hold of other’s guilt.

Do not let the surface things of this life take us away from our purpose. But keep us present to help needed now.

With our vibration raised through love, You raise up every peaceful intuition, and all power to do. May this inner Truth be the ground from which all our actions grow. And it is so.

You are Love!

Pastor Tim Tengblad

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