I Remember Now ~ The Aramaic Lord’s Prayer – Part 3 ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad Post 26

*** reminder: In this series I first list the Aramaic words. Then the traditional English translation. Then an English translation of the Aramaic.

Teytey Malkuthakh

Your kingdom come

With our natural vibration raising to your tone, we awaken the world to its higher vibration of Oneness and love. As our arms reach out to embrace all of your creation.

As I mentioned in the previous post, once the momentum of the first two petitions is in motion, what happens in the rest of the prayer can more naturally occur. In other words, with our natural vibration raising to your tone.

What is God’s tone or vibration? Love. Because God is Source, love is our natural vibration.

Everything is energy and consequently vibration. The energy of fear and all it creates (anger, anxiety, judgement, depression, etc.) are all lower energies with lower vibrations. The energy of love and all it creates (joy, creativity, compassion, hope, etc) are all higher energies, with higher vibrations. We can literally feel the difference between the lower and the higher.

When we first spend time marinating in the higher energy of the One True reality of “One light, One breath, One vibration flowing in all that is given life”. Then spend time in clearing space around the Name (Presence already within) and giving it room to blossom, our energy raises from the lower energies of fear to the higher energies of Love.

Neil Douglas Klotz writes in his little book “Prayers of the Cosmos”, the holy space cleared earlier in the prayer “is used as a workshop to envision and prepare for new creation. Teytey means ‘come’, but includes the image of mutual desire, and in the old sense, a ‘nuptial chamber’ – a place where mutual desire is fulfilled and birthing begins”. Thus we are a catalyst to….

awaken the world to its higher vibration of Oneness and love. Oneness and love is the ultimate Truth and Home of the world as well. It is self evident and shows us this is true. Everything naturally functions better and as intended when there is Oneness and love.

Once again, I remind us all of the lesson of the Covid Pandemic. We clearly saw how connected everything is in how we can carry the virus (or not) to everyone around us. The same is true of the energy we are constantly putting out when we interface with everyone and everything around us. If we do the inner work this prayer calls us to, we can then go out and raise the vibration around us. It’s not a question of IF we will affect anyone. It’s only a matter of HOW we will affect.

As Dr. Neil Douglas Klotz points out in “Prayers of the Cosmos”, the Aramaic word malkuthakh (the English uses the word “kingdom”) refers to “a quality of leadership. The word Malkuthakh, was a name of the Great Mother in the Middle East thousands of years before Jesus. The ancients saw in the earth and all around them a divine quality that everywhere takes responsibility and says, “I can’.

Nature does say “I can!”. The seed is planted in the soil and says, “I can!”. Trees let go of their leaves in the fall, and through the winter stand barren and say, “I can produce new life!” A burnt forest says, “I can renew myself!”

Later in time, those who expressed this quality of “I can!” clearly, were recognized as natural leaders – what we call Queens and Kings”. Because of our natural connection and effect we have on everyone around us, we are all natural leaders.

I can! You can! Together WE can! We can co-create with the Divine, such a world. Such a Kingdom. In a sense, we are really not creating anything “new”. What we can do is raise the world up to its natural, inherent vibration of Love and Oneness. It starts with each of us. It starts with the inner work Jesus is leading us to in this prayer.

In a baptismal service I wrote several years ago, I described this Kingdom as a way of life where all naturally know “the love of God, all are respected, all have enough, and all live in peace and hope”.

You are Love,

Pastor Tim Tengblad

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