I Remember Now ~ Ripened By Life ~ The Beatitudes In Aramaic ~ Part 6 Post 58 Pastor Tim Tengblad

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.  Matthew 5:6

Tubwayhun layleyn d’kaphneed wart hey L’khenuta d’hinnon nisbhun

The Aramaic translation

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for physical justice-righteousness. They shall be surrounded by what is needed to sustain their bodies. Aligned with the One are those who wait up at night, weakened and dried out inside by the unnatural state of the world, they shall receive satisfaction. 

Healed are those who persistently feel inside, “If only I could find new strength and a clear purpose on which to base my life,” they shall be embraced with birthing power. Integrated, resisting delusion are those who long clearly for a foundation of peace between the warring parts of themselves; they shall find all around them the materials to build it.   Dr. Neil Klotz. “Prayers Of The Cosmos.”

”You gotta want it,” Jesus teaches.

You may have known a thirst so intense that all we could think about was water? A hunger so intense that all you could think about was food. Have you ever been so committed to seeing something through, that it kept you up at night?

This is the level of commitment, intention, and intensity that Jesus points to if we are to know the kind of blessed life of purpose and meaning that he himself knew.

We can experience that in many areas of life: children, family, work that is more a ‘calling’ for us than a job. We can know it in concern for the natural world. In fighting against injustice. In hungering for a world that knows no physical hunger or homelessness.

A loved one has suffered from a disease, or is the victim of gun violence or a drunk driver, and we are ‘all in’ in doing what we can to help.

Blessed are we when we are living from a desire that is that intense.

When I was wrestling with whether or not I should be a pastor, the best advice I got was from a pastor in Chicago.  He said to me, “Don’t do this unless you can’t not do it.”

Blessed is the one who when they think about not doing something, they just can’t go there. These are the ones “aligned with the One.” Aligned with the deeper desires of their soul, and the reasons their soul came here.

It is sad that most of us don’t live from such a place. Once when I still couldn’t find what purpose that I hungered for, and was uncertain what to do, I saw from my bedroom window a little boy just learning to ride his bike. I noticed that when he went slow, he had a much harder time steering it. But when he went faster, it was much easier for him.

As I watched him I realized that I’ve got to get moving. Just move. Do something. Try something. If that’s not it, just trust that will lead you to what is your passion and purpose.

That little boy led me to ten thousand experiences. Ten thousand experiences that led me to finding my passions and purpose.

Remember that Jesus is talking about the ripening process of our soul, so it can reach its intended purpose. Ripening takes some time. But your soul knows why it is here. Within your soul is an innate purpose.

If you have not yet found what you can’t not do. If you haven’t yet found what your soul hungers and thirst for. The very fact that bothers you in some way, is your passion and purpose letting you know it is there and wants to be known eventually.

And when you find it, your passion may lead you to a new one.

So hop on your bike. Move. Try this. Then try that. And the One will lead you through the experiences that will come your way.

You are Love,

Pastor Tim Tengblad



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