I Remember Now ~ Quantum Love ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad Post 69

We understand or are aware of the tiniest fraction of the reality we live in. In a world where everything seems so separate, there is in the world of Science/Physics the study of Quantum. The quantum state is the smallest measurable unit of any particle.

In the reality we cannot see or understand, yet live in, the smallest measurable unit of each particle cannot be described independently of the state of others. They remain connected, and continue to affect each other, even when separated by vast distances.

Full disclosure: I don’t understand what the heck I just wrote. I recently had coffee with a retired Physics teacher, and we were talking about Quantum. Doesn’t everyone? Anyway, he said he took two classes on Quantum, and he simply said, “I don’t get it.”

But that’s the point. We live in a mysterious, fascinating reality. A reality of true Oneness. Now you may be thinking, “Okay. That’s cool. But so what?”

Many of us hear the news from Israel and Gaza these days, and we know only despair. Talk about things vast distances apart affecting each other! And our despair is often born out of a sense of helplessness. “What can I do about it? Seems like nothing.”

Enter quantum Love. Just as particles affect each other even when separated by vast distances, we CAN affect suffering people in Israel, Gaza, and Lebanon by sending them love. I know it may sound crazy, but so does Quantum. And that is real.

Everyone and everything is One energy.

“I love you people of Israel and Gaza. You are loved by the Great Love. You are Love. Quantum love, comfort, safety, hope and peace be yours.”

“Quantum Love to you, my friend in San Francisco. In Europe.”

A friend of mine recently texted me. “Damn Tim! You are sending some serious love out to the world, and I am grateful.” Full disclosure. I’m also sending out a lot of other things into the world that are not love. On my better days, I’m working on it.

I texted her back and thanked her for helping me focus.

These days call for our focus on sending Love. The impact will be far greater than we will ever be aware of or understand.

Trust Quantum. In doing so, you are trusting God. The One(ness).

You are Love,

Pastor Tim Tengblad

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