I Remember Now ~ Inner Cathedral ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad Post 42

Our daughter, Sarah Tengblad, wrote the following and has given her permission to share it here.


“Within me is an inner cathedral. An enormous, stunning, intricate cathedral.

Where wisdom, truth, tranquility, confidence, and spirituality are palpable.

A structure built by God and millions of souls.

A place that is still unfolding itself to me.

A place where I bring my life lessons and questions, and they are nurtured and evolve.

A space of infinite resources.

I cannot access it all the time, but it is always there.

I can access it through stillness, poetry, and music;

through connecting with others…and it is mine.

It is built on values so precisely Sarah.”


I will follow up with another post asking Sarah some questions about her beautiful writing.

For now, I invite you to just sit with it. Line by line. And see what stirs within your own inner cathedral.

Thank you Sarah for letting us into your sacred, inner space! It is so precisely you! We’re honored.

You Are Love!

Pastor Tim Tengblad

timtengblad@comcast.net    I’d love to hear about what it’s like in your inner cathedral. I will of course not share it in this space without your permission.






Tim Tengblad

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