I Remember Now ~ First Comes The Allowing ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad Post 62

John Grevin writes in his little book “Oneness”,  “The One is the only reality and because you are – you are That – which lovingly allows for all things.”

In other words, the One (God, Source, Universe, the Great Love) is that which allows all things to be. Love (the essence of the One) never forces itself onto anyone, but rather allows them to think, say, or do what they choose. As I look back on my life, the Great Love has offered me a whole lot of allowing. Every day I have been allowed to say or do things that weren’t the best choice for my soul. I have been allowed to make these choices so I could learn what I needed to learn.

Because we are made of the same essence of the One, our True Self (soul) is made of the same energy of the One that allows all things to be. That is why it feels “right” when we allow, and we feel so differently when we don’t.

But even though the Great Love has graced us with countless allowing, our ego doesn’t want to return the favor with someone else. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. When we take in what someone has said or done that our ego struggles with, we can notice our judgement and first ask ourselves “why is this bothering me?” We can learn a lot about ourselves with that question!  Follow this up with saying to ourselves, “first comes the allowing.” Then practice letting go of our judgement and feel what it is like to settle into first accepting what was said or done.

Repeat this process over and over, and over and over, and allowing can gradually become more and more our default position and first response. It’s like working out. The good feeling we get from our bodies (increased energy, strength, improved mood) provide incentive and desire to keep doing it.

When our response comes out of the energy and space of allowing, that very energy allows a much higher and constructive response.

Allowing is the death of the ego. Our egos get their energy from our feeling separate and superior. So we can easily believe that this allowing is too hard and we won’t even try. But remember this:

Yes it is a matter of setting your intention to say “first comes the allowing.” But the ability to set the intention comes from our natural state. “We are that which lovingly allows for all things to be.” It’s the nature of God. It’s the nature of life. And because our soul is made of the essence of God, it really is our true nature as well. The feeling we know from “allowing for all things” tells us so.

Allowing isn’t the only response. When we experience injustice or whatever is not love, simply allowing it to be is not the only call of Love.  But if our follow up response comes out of the calmer energy of first allowing, rather than the harshness and anxiety of the ego’s judgement, constructive things can happen through our actions.

I was recently sitting on a bench in a little park in the middle of a typical busy Boston intersection of about 6 roads coming together from all angles. I was thinking about the fact that there are really souls inside these bodies I see walking around. Souls that have incarnated to have the life and experiences they need for their growth. I noticed an elderly man who was having trouble walking. Three teenage boys passed him and turned around and cruelly mocked him and mimicked his style of walking as they laughed at him. My first thought was “How cruel! How stupid and immature!”

Then I noticed what I was doing and thought “first comes the allowing.” Letting go of my judgement I settled into how it felt to allow. My anxiety and anger lessened. I then remembered that “Yes there are souls in those bodies. And those are probably young souls here to experience what it is to be so cruel and hopefully learn from it.”

I looked right at them and sent them love. I believe in the power of sending energy. I’ll never know what it did for those boys, but I know what it did for me. I came home.

First comes the allowing. You are Love.

Pastor Tim Tengblad

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