I Remember Now ~ Failing Our Children ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad ~ Post 71

As I write this, it’s Halloween, and trick or treaters are coming to our door….

As I write this, we are failing the children of the world. From innocent children being traumatized, wounded, and killed by warring adults. To gun violence now being the number one cause of death in the U.S. for children. From  “Pro-Life” movements being more like “Pro-Birth” movements; trying to make  sure the baby is born, but then after that you’re on your own. The lack of support for affordable child care, health insurance, and early childhood education come to mind.

We see the true essence of anyone when they first come into the world. We see the innocence, unconditional love, joy, and peace their souls have both emerged from, and have recently left.

After the first two years of life, we can start to see what the soul has come to work on.  We see the wounds still remaining in the soul’s energy from the choices made in past lives.

Vulnerable and dependent children come to the door of adults, and can receive wounds from those they depend on.  Adults who may be young souls in older bodies.

Who are these little ones? Are they not the stories of souls that may have lived many other lives here, now living in tiny human bodies once again?  Souls that have come with their own things to work on, and grow into.

Whether it be the children or adults who are troubling us these days, both are souls who have chosen to enter into a time and setting designed for their soul’s growth.

So how can we do better by our children?

One could say it starts with the adults.  “What do I need to learn and grow into?”. “What wounds am I carrying?” “How can I learn from those wounds, and not inflict them on those around me?”  “What costumes am I wearing to mask my own vulnerability?”  These are all appropriate questions.

Yet I believe it starts with our looking first to the children. They are coming to our door every day of the year. They come reminding us that their Truth is our Truth. They show us, and help us remember what our True Self really is at its core: Love. Pure, innocent, unconditional Love.

They can show us the way. That’s what Jesus was saying in the New Testament gospel of Matthew. Children were trying to come to him, and the adults were trying to stop them. Jesus simply said, “Let the children come, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”

To paraphrase: “Adults. Open the door of your heart to the children. They’re the ones who get it. Take the hint. Become like them again, and you will know how to no longer fail them when they come seeking what they need from you.”

They come to our door every day needing us to remember our True Self.

They already do.

You are Love,

Pastor Tim Tengblad




Tim Tengblad

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