I Remember Now ~ Doing The God Job ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad Post 61

I’ve been leaning on my grandkids pretty hard lately as my spiritual teachers.

The other day, out of the clear blue our two year old granddaughter (Olivia) said, “You come from love, and love is for everyone.” Yup. She said that. A first response might be, “Wow! That’s really something for a two year old!” But it‘s BECAUSE she’s two that she could say it. Her soul, still somewhat fresh from it’s Source, intuitively knows that great Truth.

We are in Boston right now. Here for 2 1/2 weeks with our daughter (Sonja), son-in-law (Jonathan), and 5 year old grandson (Soren). When we were getting ready to walk him to school this morning, Soren and I had the following conversation:

Soren: “Bapa! Do you have a job?”

Me: “No. I used to have one (thinking of my gig as a Lutheran Pastor)

Soren: “Yes you do Bapa! Everyone’s job is God!”

Yup. He said that.

Later on that morning I walked to East Boston’s main grocery store, Shaw’s. Think Boston accent here, SHAAAWWS! On my way there I asked Spirit what my “God job” is for today. Toasted Flats immediately came to mind. Toasted Flats is an all (Latino) women owned and operated little sandwich shop in East Boston. I knew why it popped into my mind. Wherever the light, creativity, and expression of the Divine is being pushed down by the blindness and stupidity of misogyny, that light must be encouraged to rise up. In short, I love supporting women owned and operated businesses.

While on my way to Toasted Flats, I had the urge to sit on a bench. Suddenly a beautiful three year old girl stood before me. I smiled at her and asked for her name. Her mother and another woman were speaking Spanish, so I didn’t know if she understood me. But she did speak “Smile” fluently. It was all we needed. We kept smiling as we spun together around a nearby pole. I waved to her. She waved. As I was leaving, I asked one of the women if she was her daughter. “Si! Daughter!” “You have a beautiful daughter” I said. The smile on her mother’s face warmed my heart back up to God temperature. “What’s your daughter’s name” I asked. “Maria!” the mother said with great pride. I waved goodbye to Maria. She waved back and we spoke a little more “smile.”

When I arrived at Toasted Flats, it felt so good to be supporting these kind, hard-working women.

Later that afternoon when I picked up Soren at school, he came out the door excited that his friend (Angel) had given him his mixed fruit cup at lunch. Way to show up for work Angel! I got to thank one of Soren’s amazing teachers for all she does. Teachers deserve our gratitude, support and respect. I then played “cops and robbers” in the playground with Soren and his friend Carlos. I kept being put in jail, but it was so much fun.

I love my job. My “God job.” Great benefits! Thank you Soren! Thank you Olivia! Thank you Maria, Angel, and Carlos!

You Are Love!

Pastor Tim Tengblad



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