I Remember Now ~ Being. Not Agreeing. ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad Post 72

You’re busy. I’ll get right to it. The healing of all our divisiveness comes from Being. Not Agreeing.

We seem to only be able to see unity when we agree with one another. This points immediately to where almost all of us live- in our heads. Every day we’re saying to each other, “if you think like me, I will know a connection with you.”  So we are tribal people. We associate with those who think like us and share our opinions or viewpoints.

But a viewpoint is only a view from a point. That point is our very limited minds and experience. When we’re human, we will never agree with one another on any significant scale because of the limitations of our minds and the uniqueness of our experiences. Living in such a way, we will never know meaningful Oneness.

It’s been my experience that the only way I can know meaningful Oneness with anyone who doesn’t think like I do, or agree with me on everything (which is everyone), is to BE out of my mind.

This is exceedingly difficult for 99.9% of us because we live almost exclusively in our minds all day.

Neuroscience tells us that we have 6,000+ thoughts a day. The vast majority being either negative, self-referential, repetitive, or useless. All of which points to the source of most of our thoughts: the ego.

What I’m talking about is taking regular breaks from identifying with the thoughts from our ego by observing them. This allows us to know the energy of the True Self within us that is beyond thought.

Here’s the great irony: this place beyond thought births thoughts of connection, peace, love, hope, compassion, joy, and creativity. Say what? Don’t over think it. It just does.

What I’m inviting you to consider is allowing this state of Being to become the place from which your thoughts arise. 

Focus on the thoughts arising from this space of Being, and grow into living from THERE.

As we approach Christmas, remember pure Being lay in that manger. When I picture shepherds, Wise Men and Women, gathered around the manger, I can’t see them arguing over, or trying to agree about this tiny one lying before them. I see them simply Being. Isn’t that what we do with the tiny ones in our lives?

Live out of your mind for a time. Kneel quietly before the Christ within.

Can we truly have a Silent Night on Christmas? A Holy Night, where all is calm and all is bright? Can we know moments such as these all year?  Yes! We can know moments. Moments can give birth to more moments, until we live from the thoughts and love emerging from the Christ within.

A Christmas mantra for you: I can be a human being. I can simply be. I can.   Simply.   Be.

You are Love. Christ has been born in you.


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Tim Tengblad

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