I Remember Now ~ Aramaic Lord’s Prayer – Part 4 ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad Post 27

Nehwey tzevyanach aykanna d’bwashmaya aph b’arha

Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven

As we find your love in ours, you awaken a divine 

cooperation within.  From many voices, One voice.

One will moving in harmony with yours; as stars and 

planets dance across the sky. 

Do you see what’s been happening so far in the prayer? We are being asked to make a major change in focus. Please keep in mind that this is the work of a lifetime. We’re talking process and a journey of growing into what is being taught. This isn’t a “I tried to do this once or twice and it didn’t work, so I’ll give it up” kind of teaching.

It is often a step forward into the One, and a step back. Two forward and one back. But it is a lifelong practice that is SO worth it. What else on earth could possibly be so worth it?

The major change in focus is this: In the early portions of this prayer, there is no focus on the small, fearful, needy self. The small self who is overwhelmed by the perceived need to first pray, “Give me this”. “Take this away”. “Make this happen”. “Keep this from happening.”

Instead the focus Jesus speaks of has all been on God.  God flowing within everything, making it One. Clearing space (from the inner chatter of the small self) so the Name (the Presence already there), can have space to breathe and rise up within. It’s God’s kingdom come, and my fragile kingdom go. 

We’re like a single drop of water that saw itself as vulnerable, and has now fallen into the great ocean of God’s Love. We now see that there is nothing left to ask for. Everything is here. We are far from alone and separate. There is more than enough in the great Wholeness of the Ocean of Love.

Just as that drop knows it is now made of the great ocean, we intuitively know the love within us is God’s love. God is its Source. There is no God’s Love, and our love. There is just the One Love, and we’re not just a part of it. We ARE it.

We also naturally like what is happening within us when we do so. We are being freed from the prison our ego has trapped us in. Now that we’re free, we naturally want to go where this Name (Presence) is taking us. And we all know that when we want to do something, it’s not work. Whatever it may be, it’s lifegiving. Not life draining. It’s not “one more thing to have to do”.

What does the Name or Presence want to do? A bazillion things. In one word, Love.

From many voices, one voice. We all know about many voices within us. All pulling us in many directions. We know the voices of the fearful ego. Fearful because it is lost in its illusions of separation from God and everyone. We know too well that voice calling us anywhere it wants. Now we are moving towards knowing and listening to only One voice.

You awaken a divine cooperation within….as stars and planets dance across the sky. There already is a divine cooperation inherent within the universe, and again, we are not only a part of it, we are it. 

Now at this point, we may very well be saying, “All this sounds great.  I just wish that was me. I wish I could experience that.”

Of course we do. And I want to remind you that you and I are like an acorn. Everything necessary is already within the acorn to become the strong, beautiful oak tree. But it hasn’t grown up and matured yet.

That’s why we’re planted here in Earth School. To grow and mature into our Divine potential. To become more of what we already are.

And all we can do is cooperate and be open as best we can. Do the work of the opening part of this prayer. Cultivate the soil of our soul, and trust God to do the rest.

Spirit will always do what Spirit can do with us at our current state of evolution. At our current state of openness, cooperation, and readiness. It can’t be any other way. And wherever we are is perfect. At any given moment, we can only be where we are. Where else could we be?

Not to worry. Spirit is constantly seeking our highest good. And it is only Spirit that knows when the time is right for the next small (or big) step in our growth.

I’d like to add one more thing here. For at least the last 500+ years, since the Reformation and the formation of the Protestant movement (and the Lutheran Church), the Christian Church has made the faith primarily about getting into heaven when you die. The Church has taught and preached that we can only get there by believing the right things about Jesus.

When all during that time, the True priority of Jesus was coming at us. Sunday after Sunday we’re praying “your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Few talked about how Jesus was emphasizing bringing heaven to earth, and not about getting into heaven. We had it all backwards! It was right there hidden in plain sight in the traditional English Lord’s Prayer. Hmmmm. Interesting.

You are Love,

Pastor Tim Tengblad

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