I Remember Now ~ Acorns and Oak Trees ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad ~ Post 78

Readers of this column sometimes share with me: “You’re always saying that we are love, but looking at what’s happening in the world, it’s hard to believe.” I get it. Sometimes I want to say the same thing to myself!

This is what I tell myself: We are to love as an acorn is to an oak tree. It’s all there within us. We all just have a whole lot of growing to do. 

When we watch the news, we’re often seeing acorns. But I’m convinced that when the Divine looks at us, it sees oak trees. It knows what it planted within us, and it knows its potential.  I hear the Divine saying, “You can be like me, because you are me.”

It’s spring time. This morning I sat in our backyard looking at the leaves and blossoms popping out of the trees. I spent the winter looking at these same trees. They were barren. Seemingly lifeless, with no visible signs of potential growth. As I looked at the trees this winter, I reminded myself of what’s inside – potential. Everything was inside, just waiting to grow.

What did it take for the leaves and blossoms to begin to appear? Warmth and rain.

When you see someone, or yourself, acting small as an acorn, remember that what you wish to see is all within. It’s just waiting to feel the warmth of your kindness, so it can grow.

And the rain?  In song lyrics, rain is often a metaphor for the difficult times in our lives. But look what comes from both!  The difficult raises up the compassion and empathy already within us. A new understanding blossoms.

You are love!


If you want to be inspired, watch Steve Hartman’s On the Road segments, Fridays on CBS Evening News. Also watch Steve Hartman and his children in their Kindness 101 segments on the CBS Morning Show. They’re all on YouTube as well.

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