I Remember Now ~ A Troubling Question ~ Pastor Tim Tengblad Post 74

Have you ever been asked this question? “Have you accepted Christ as your personal Savior?”

The question troubles me. It is one that has been held over people’s heads as a requirement for eternal salvation. This is interesting, because that phrase or question is not in the New Testament.

It is actually quite new to the religious scene. The idea of ‘accepting a personal Savior’ originated in American revivalism in the mid-1800s.

How does the question make you feel? If you’re like me, it brings up feelings of fear, and pulls me into myself. The question tells me there is judgment coming from God, and have done what have to do, for ME to be personally “saved”?

(See post 67 – God is Love, and Love has no need or interest in judgment. Only growth and maturity into Love.)

The word Christ means “anointed.” It’s become a name referring to one person, “Jesus Christ” –  as if that were his first and last name. Jesus Christ, son of Joseph and Mary Christ. It’s as if he were the only one anointed by the Divine, the Source, the Oneness.

When in fact the great Truth is this:

To “accept Christ” is to accept your Truth. You are anointed.

To “accept Christ” is to accept that everyone and everything is anointed, and Divine in essence.

To “accept Christ” is to accept that everyone is Love, in their essence or core.

To “accept Christ” is to accept ourselves and everyone, as we truly are – sacred, and worthy of profound respect.

Therefore, to “accept Christ” is to move beyond our obsession with our small, separate self, and find that our True Self is not really a ‘self’ at all, but part of the Whole.

To “accept Christ” is to accept the Great Oneness.

To “accept Christ” is to accept that the Divine values being human and chooses to live its own life in and through us and everyone –  exploring, creating, discovering, and evolving in the human. experience.

To “accept Christ” is to accept that the Divine values the animal world and nature enough to live its own life in and through all of it. Do you truly see the tree, flower, plant, bird, dog, horse, or ant over there? Accept the Christ.

Do you see the person who looks, believes, and thinks differently than you? Accept the Christ, and you will be free from the only source of judgment and fear – the human ego.

Bob Christ. Javonte Christ. Diane Christ. Denzel Christ. Charlie Christ. Muhammed Christ. Mary Christ.  LaTasha Christ. You are all anointed.

You are Love!

Tim Tengblad


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