I Remember Now with Pastor Tim Tengblad

Eight years ago at one of our Aurapalooza’s, I was in the kitchen putting out more food for our guests and a very tall, nice looking gentlemen walked towards me with a gentle smile and extended his hand. He introduced himself, Tim Tengblad, a Lutheran Pastor. He said he had read one of my books and wanted to learn more about spirituality so that he could bring it to his congregation. I was speechless for a second while I gathered my wits about me. A Lutheran Pastor? Here at my teaching Center? He wants what? My head was spinning with questions. Is he serious? Is this a joke?

He didn’t look like he was joking. He looked quite authentic. I have no idea what I said back to him, I was so nervous. This was the second time in my life that a Lutheran pastor had approached me about spirituality and that relationship turned out to be wonderful so I told myself to relax. He asked if we could meet for coffee and I said of course, even though the thought of it scared the heck out of me. I walked around in a daze for the rest of the day. I knew something important was happening here and I couldn’t imagine what it could be.

About a week later we had our first coffee date and I was on pins and needles. I was raised to revere the clergy. They were honorable men who were close to God and we need to be respectful of their station in life. In a way, I felt like I was tripping over myself for fear of saying something wrong or being inappropriate in some way. There had to be some old beliefs inside because I’m not usually inappropriate with people. I definitely needed him to take the lead because I didn’t know how to start out the conversation with a Pastor. One by one, all these mis-conceptions were addressed and I started to think of him as a person rather than God’s first Sergeant . A psychic and a pastor having coffee seemed like a very odd twosome to me, but I soon found out it was exactly what both of us needed.

We began meeting every couple of weeks and slowly I brought up different topics. Reincarnation was a big one that Tim was interested in. He was also interested in healing, different levels of our souls and life after death. Before I knew it, we were chatting like two old, very old souls catching up with each other. We jumped from topic to topic, so excited to hear what each other believed. I met his spirit guides and started channeling information to him. We had so much fun sharing our thoughts and beliefs.

I think it was on our third coffee date that Jesus appeared to me and asked if I would give “Paul” a message for him. Turns out, he and Jesus went to school together and were very close friends. Tim’s name in that life was Paul and mine was Ruth. Jesus channeled such a wonderful message to him and it left both of us in awe of what we had learned about ourselves that day.

Tim and I have met several times over the last several years and it’s been incredibly healing and inspiring for both of us. He’s been a great source of information for me regarding Christianity and the Bible and I’ve been a source of information for him about spiritual matters. About two weeks ago in meditation, I heard that it’s time for Pastor Tim, who is now retired, to have a column in my website where he can share his thoughts on spirituality and religion and also answer questions that you have about them. My hope is to bring them live through a podcast someday.

There is a series of books that Tim and I both love written by author Gina Lake. Her books are channelings that she has with Jesus. They really resonate with my soul. We particularly love What Jesus Wants You to Know Today.

I’m going to start it out with the first question I asked him eight years ago. What makes you interested in spirituality coming from a strong religious background?



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Mission for 2024   Smile And Be Kind See what it brings Help yourself remember Help those around you remember You Are Love         Pastor Tim Tengblad  timtengblad@comcast.net If you’d like to receive notifications of a recent post, send me an email.  


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Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star, Hath had elsewhere its setting And cometh from afar. Not in entire forgetfulness do we come From God who is our home. Heaven lies about us in our infancy. William Wordsworth “Ode on Initiations: Recollections of Early Childhood”   In my 71 trips around the sun, I have observed that Wordsworth had it right in his lovely poem. This life is a kind of knowing, forgetting, and (hopefully) a remembering.   Life is knowing. Life on earth begins with a certain kind…


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