You Are Love – Post 4 – Pastor Tim Tengblad

In the last article of “I Remember Now” I wrote that the essence of Jesus’ message was to live from our inherent Oneness with the One within us and all around us. What would that look and feel like in real life?

It looks and feels like love. God, Universe, Source, the One, Spirit, whatever name you give it, is infinite, unconditional, perfect, and pure love. Every living thing is made of its Source.

Now that’s often a hard sell. After all, when was the last time you told yourself that you are love? When was the last time someone else told you that you are love? When was the last time you told someone else? If you have any history with the church or religion in any way, do you recall anyone ever telling you that YOU are Love?

Isn’t it incredible that we and all living things are made out of the essence of life (Divine Love) and we’re not talking about or affirming it among ourselves? What else could be more important to talk about?

Why is that? I think there’s at least a couple of major reasons:

First, we have such trouble telling ourselves we are love because we all know we experience so much within us that doesn’t feel like love at all. Everything that comes out of the energy of our fear sure doesn’t feel like love: anger, resentment, judgement, anxiety, worry, self criticism, shame, embarrassment, confusion, despair, depression, and so on. How can we say we are Love when all of that can be so much of our experience as human beings?

Second, as I mentioned earlier the Christian Church will not tell you that YOU are love. If you’re fortunate the Church has told you that God is love. However it also has a long history of telling humanity that God operates the same as humans and is a judging God who will punish you for your sins. The Church will tell you that you SHOULD love. What it doesn’t tell you is that YOU are Love.

Think about that for a moment. For 2,000 years the Christian Church has failed to tell countless millions of people the very essence of what they are!!! No one can overstate the devastating effect that has had on humanity and the unimaginable loss of potential growth!

Just imagine if for the past 2,000 years children grew up being told they are Love! Take a moment and imagine if YOU had! Follow your imagination and your soul’s stirrings to the differences it would have made.

Actually, babies and small children are the ones among us who come knowing at an innate level that they are love. I know in my heart of hearts that is why we are so attracted to them. We see them, weary from our trying to be adults and the all forgetting that brings us, and we’re drawn to those little ones as to a campfire on a cold night. People who wouldn’t normally connect with one another become a little community don’t they?

They warm our hearts don’t they? Still relatively attached to their essence of Divine Love, innocence, and their trusting and vulnerability,  the little ones remind us of our own inner Truth. Our own Truth is seeing itself in the mirror of that little one and our soul loves it. After all, it rarely gets recognized or affirmed! We want to say to the little one, “Thank you for the reminder of what I am. I got so busy and overwhelmed and I forgot. I remember now. Now I can go out and do this adult thing a little better for awhile, until my next reminder. By the way, will you be here tomorrow?” Yes. Babies R US.

So at the age of 67 I walked into a Tattoo Parlor for the first time; Identity Tatoo in Maple Grove, MN and got the words you are love tattooed on my right forearm. It’s a reminder for me and a reminder to everyone who sees it about what they really are: Divine Love energy. That’s my identity and yours and all living things. Our Golden Retriever, Shadow, mirrored that to us every day for 15 years.

Everything is energy. Ask yourself when does your energy pick up the most and you feel most alive? When does it feel like you’ve just come home to your natural habitat? Is it not when you are loving or are being loved?

After all the programming and conditioning of the Church and our culture drives us away from our awareness of our true identity, how do we find our way back home? For now, how about we start saying “you are love” to ourselves first and then to someone else, and be intentional about getting a reminder from those little ones among us. Let’s see what happens together. Let me know how it goes.

Tim Tengblad

As always, please send me your comments or any questions or experiences you have regarding the Church, the Bible, what I’ve written here, or whatever is on your mind and heart.




Tim Tengblad

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