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I recently received a mailing about a church that is a faith community focused specifically on those experiencing homelessness. They not only provide shelter, but also meals, and bring their mobile “shower trailer” out into the streets of their community to provide the much needed dignity of a shower. They described their work as helping people “discover the love of Jesus.”

First of all, I’m sure we’d all say “good for them!” It’s awesome what they and countless other faith communities are doing for so many in great need. However, I’d like to pick up on that phrase “the love of Jesus.” Yes, Jesus loves those being helped, those doing the helping, and everyone. His love is beyond description and he wants us to call on it at any time. But I have a heartfelt belief and memory (see Post 2), that what Jesus would most want us to discover is the love of God already within US!  He wants us to know that the Love that is within him is the same Love that is within everyone and everything.

Why is that so important? Well, it’s actually much harder to live from someone else’s love than your own. When we only hear that Jesus or God is love, one can easily get the message that Jesus or God is love but I am not. I am separate from love and that can make it harder to love, not easier. We can actually be separating ourselves or others from our own truth!

Yes you can be inspired by the love of Jesus or anyone else. That’s a fine thing. But when you are inspired by someone else’s love it remains just that, someone else’s, and its staying power is limited. It comes and goes. It rises and falls, depending on whether or not we remember to focus on it. Let’s be honest, most of the time we don’t!

What is actually happening is this love of someone else is simply raising up the love already within us. We are simply remembering our own truth! When you know in your bones that at your true core YOU are love, love is never a should, as in “you should love or be more loving.”  You ARE love. Love is your natural state of BEing. When we KNOW we ARE love we can more naturally love.

It is actually unnatural for us to feel any form of judgement, hate, or separation. That is precisely why it feels so bad when we are living and feeling from those places.

The bottomless Well of Love is always within you. It never leaves you or is lacking in any way. It IS you. Draw from it. Jesus says in the New Testament, “the one who drinks of this water will never thirst.” John 4:14.

There is nothing more important to tell ourselves than “I am Love.” As we do so, it becomes the place from which we live and that is everything to Jesus.

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Tim Tengblad

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