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"Loved your show last night. I believe you have a hit... good luck with your negotiations with CBS" ~ Listener


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Kind Words

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It takes a while to learn her simple invitation - - 'to listen'. But if you're like me, you will find this journey very very interesting. What do I know. It could be the most important thing I've ever learned in life.

J. Abrams

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Echo Bodine comes from a teaching place of pure love.

Nancy Jay

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I’ve learned so much in the last 17 years about why we are here. Where we go when we die but I had questions and what I call gaps in my knowledge. Echo fills in many of those gaps and I thank her for her knowledge and insight, thank you!

Eagle Clay

Hello and Welcome

Teaching Psychic Development? ✔

Teaching Laying on Hands Healing? ✔

Teaching Ghostbusting? ✔

Teaching Everyone to Live by their Inner Voice? Working on it.

Educating people about death and life after death? ✔

Creating meditations to help people on their healing journey? ✔

Creating a teaching Center for people of like mind to congregate? ✔

What's left?

Teaching everyone that their divinity is the root of their intuition and how to access it for a successful, happy life.

As you can see, my career has spanned the last fifty-four years, and I've been busy teaching people about the importance of their spiritual gifts. I continue to teach online classes. I have a bi-monthly podcast with Bobby Sullivan called "Intuitive Living" which you definitely need to check out.

Right now my heart's desire is to reach as many people as possible about living by their inner voice, commonly known as intuition. As I say in my book, A Still Small Voice, intuition is humankind's best secret. So many have been taught it's this goofy thing women have, and that's just plain ridiculous. Men have it. Our pets have it. Nature has it.



Echo Bodine

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