Our gifted vendors and a new class


It’s been awhile since I reminded you of our virtual Aurapalooza. https://virtualspiritualitycenter.com/

You simply click on that site and see all the gifted vendors. You can book with them any time, night or day. It’s really a cool way to reach people.

Also, one of our gifted vendors, Amber Maier is teaching a new class. Here are the details:

Akashic Records Certification Program- Act today for early bird discount and bonus!

Have you ever struggled with trying to find your purpose or greater meaning in life?   Do you yearn to connect to your intuition but are struggling to tap into your gifts? Do you find yourself in frustrating patterns that keep you stuck?

As a Soul Alignment Coach, I believe that true magic happens when you live in full alignment with your soul purpose, embrace your gifts, and release the fear and blocks that hold you back from reaching your potential.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about WHY I teach the Akashic Records, and why I’d like to help YOU get into alignment with your soul purpose and develop your intuitive gifts so you can take empowered steps to make powerful transformations inside yourself and in your life.

What are the Akashic Records, you ask?  Simply stated, the Akashic Records are the library of your soul. Can you imagine what life would be like if you had a direct line to your soul?

Why am I so passionate about the Akashic Records? Because I have personally experienced mind-blowing shifts in my life working with the Akashic Records that transformed my pain into power, and have seen this same transformation in my students!

I know the pain of being disconnected from your soul.  I have walked with destructive amounts of self-doubt when it came to accessing my intuitive gifts. Working with the Akashic Records gave me direct access to my soul and my purpose and that resulted in quantum leaps of healing and growth in all areas of my life.

I am devoted to helping other lightworkers like you connect with their purpose and gifts to collectively shine more light into the world!

This is why I created the 12-week Akashic Records Certification Course. This course will help you to:

  • Discover and become more aligned with your soul purpose
  • Activate and deepen your intuitive gifts
  • Be connected to the love and guidance of your spirit team
  • Uncover the root of your blocks, patterns and pain
  • Understand and heal limiting beliefs that are inhibiting your soul’s freedom
  • Explore and heal your relationships
  • Be empowered to take ownership of your healing and your life
  • Bring the magic of the Akashic Records to others as a certified Akashic Records reader


If you’ve been feeling out of alignment with life and are struggling to tap into your gifts, then this course is for you!

Click HERE to learn more about the Akashic Records Certification Course.

IMPORTANT: To catch the Early Bird Bonus and get $499 off of the full price of the course and to get the bonus of the Group Past Life Regression, be sure to enroll by Friday, July 8th!

TODAY ONLY: Enroll by midnight tonight (July 1st), and receive a free session (up to $225 value) with me as a bonus for taking fast action!

Contact me at amber@ambermaier.com with any questions!

About Amber:

Amber Maier is a Soul Alignment Coach, Healer, and Teacher. She has passion for helping lightworkers discover their soul purpose and passion, awaken and develop their unique gifts, and finally say goodbye to all the things that keep them stuck so they can fully embrace their power and achieve their wildest dreams.

Amber uses a unique blend of intuitive coaching along with guidance and healing from your Akashic Records, Angels and soul to help you take powerful steps forward on your soul path and take quantum leaps in your personal healing and vision for your life.

She is a channel of the Akashic Records, Angels, souls, star beings and other spiritual guides to get you the guidance and healing you need. Amber also brings her experience and training in Thetahealing, Angel healing, Reiki, and past life regressions to her work.

Amber is passionate about teaching and offers classes on the Akashic Records, Angel communication and healing, channeling, Reiki, and energy basics and healing. You can learn more about Amber at www.ambermaier.com.

Here is the full registration link in case you need it: https://amber-maier.mykajabi.com/akashic-records-course-sales-page?preview_theme_id=2149903644&fbclid=IwAR2czBy5s_TRu0kIfnwwYB5-DrQi8jhePSHzNjZgtS_k-U47tmHjssQZiI0

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