Online registration extended / FAQ’s

People have been asking for an extension on the start date for the next online class. Registration is now extended until September 26 for the next online session of Psychic Development for Beginners.

Course Content

  • Understanding intuition
  • How to clear and protect yourself
  • Using grounding to keep yourself in the “real world”
  • The 4 Psychic Gifts
  • Whether and when to tell family and friends
  • Weekly partner practice
  • Giving your first reading
  • Ask Echo LIVE

Register for Online Psychic Development for Beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be available at a specific time to take this course?

No. The course content will be available on the first day of class. Psychic Development for Beginners is designed to work with your schedule. Login anytime that’s convenient for you – day or night, 24-7.

Will I need any special equipment to take the class?

Other than a computer, Iphone or IPad, you won’t need any special equipment to take the course.

Am I _______ enough?

Whatever your “blank” is, the answer is YES. Wherever you are on your path, it is enough, and you are enough! We’ll help you take it from here.

How do I register for the class?

First, click the course you want to take, and click the orange “Take This Course” button. You will be prompted to create a Profile username to Register.

After you have confirmed your account, you will be taken to the Checkout page, where you can “Place Order.”

How do I access the course?

The course content will be available on the course start date. Using the Sign In button at the top right of the website, enter the username and password you entered when you created a Profile. Then click on the course name in the courses page of our website and scroll down to see the course outline. Welcome to the class!

What is a teleseminar?

Every other week, I’ll host a 60-minute live call, which is opportunity to receive guided meditations, talk to me and ask your questions live. You can participate by phone or webinar using any web browser, all calls are recorded in case you can’t make the live event.

Are there specific times for teleseminars?
The teleseminars are scheduled at prearranged times, which you will receive by email after registering for the course. If you’re unable to attend live, you can submit your questions in advance and listen to the recording of the call later.


Praise for this Class

“Echo and Leigh are both compassionate, practical, and up front honest. They work with integrity and will truly try to teach you. If you have psychic gifts and want to learn more about them, how to live with them, how to protect yourself, and essentially, just move forward spiritually, you can be comfortable here. It is safe, welcoming, and so so much fun!” – Audrey, Ohio

“I finally feel like a have a road map to the psychic world. I’ve been curious about it since I was 16. My 16-year-old self would be so proud of me right now for pursuing this. I’ve had so many questions answered and have had things I somewhat intuited brought to my conscious attention. It’s made me realize how much I have relied on my intuition my entire life and how I took it for granted and thought everyone made decisions the same way. I’ve achieved greater confidence in what it is and how it works.” – Patty, Virginia

“THE Best experience ever! Started me on my path to the awesome guy I am now.” – Marcus, Michigan

Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter