Online Psychic Development begins Monday, September 14

The next session of Echo’s Online Psychic Development Course begins on Monday, September 14. If you or someone you love has untapped psychic gifts and don’t live close enough to study with us at the Center, join Echo online!

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Here’s what some of the graduates of Online Psychic Development for Beginners have said about this course:

“Since taking Echo’s class so much has opened up for me. I just can’t believe the difference taking this class has made in my life. I am in love with life!” — Sally, Michigan

“In Viva Institute’s psychic development classes, I have transformed as a person, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  I believe that is the purpose of spiritual work and learning — you grow! There is an awareness that comes from this kind of learning. I think sometimes courses such as these are developed to help us find our gifts and purpose, but sometimes just to awaken us to all that is possible in life.” – Colleen, New York

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This class is full of lessons, and videos, a private classroom, and biweekly teleseminars. Not only will you make lifelong friends who really “get” you, you’ll be able to ask Echo your questions live – isn’t that fun?

We hope you’ll join us.

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