No New Center For Now

If memory serves me correctly, the last time I blogged was back at the beginning of December when I was just starting the HCG diet. That ended up going very well. I lost 30 lbs in 40 days which is really exciting and I’m slowly getting used to this new weight. A person really needs to change their mind set with weight loss as I still expect to see the old me in the mirror and am continually surprised to see the new me. It’s fun to put on clothes I haven’t worn for awhile. It’s all fun and it feels great. The timing had to be right though. I needed to really cooperate with the diet in order for it to work. In the past I’ve fought diets all the way through and started to gain it back as soon as I reached my goal. I wasn’t mentally ready for a new me but I am now.

What I want to blog about today is this interesting experience that’s been going on with me for awhile. I really miss the old Center that I used to have and been longing to create another one. The desire was getting stronger and stronger, so I started looking at buildings, assuming that the desire meant the timing was right.

I found a building that felt and looked like it was supposed to be the new Center. The rent was high but I knew that if my inner voice agreed with it, it would all work out. I met with some of the women that used to work out of the old Center and we were all getting pretty excited BUT there was a nagging feeling intuitively. It wasn’t saying yes, it wasn’t saying no. It wasn’t saying anything other than a feeling of pause. The landlady gave me a copy of the lease and I felt an even bigger pause. Daily I would ask God/Universe to please guide me to my highest good and my inner voice remained silent except for that feeling.

One thing I’ve learned over the years about the silence with the still small voice is that it means I’m going through a learning period and that I need to pay attention to everything going on. I was excited about having my own place again, excited to be able to teach as many classes as I want to without worrying about the schedule at the various places I rent now, excited to decorate it with funky stuff from the Cottage House, excited to provide my students with a sense of their own place again. It all seemed fun and magical and yet, as the date March 1st kept creeping up, the inner anxiety seemed to be overwhelming the excitement.

My mind got practical and started thinking about tables, chairs, coffee pots, coffee and tea. Paper towels and toilet paper. Rugs, plants, refrigerator and microwave. Shoveling, garbage, utilities, a sign for the building, paint for the walls. All things I used to have at the old Center but gave away when we closed up shop. The idea of trying to pull all of that together became overwhelming to me. Friday night at meditation I asked the Universe to please give me clear guidance and the next morning, I heard the words “get a cup of coffee, go sit in front of the place and you’ll know what to do” which is exactly what I did.

Instead of trying to figure out how I was going to make the whole thing work, I started thinking “what if I don’t do this now” and I felt a peace come over me. I could feel my inner voice reacting finally. It felt like it was saying “finally, you’re getting it.” My will was so strong to get a place that I needed to work through it from beginning to end and realize the timing wasn’t right. I needed the whole experience to show me what’s important to me and what is no longer important.

What’s most important to me is that I teach people about their intuition, their psychic abilities and their oneness with God. Teach about healing. Teach about getting to know the real God instead of the Biblical God. People have so many issues with God and they don’t know if they should love him or hate him. Fear him or revere him. For those of you reading this who are struggling with a personal relationship with God, I wrote a book called Look for the Good and You’ll Find God that can be most helpful to you on your spiritual journey.

Many people think that only people interested in becoming a professional psychic would take a psychic development class, but seldom is that the case. Maybe in a class of sixty, five people go on to be professional psychics, but the rest of the class is there to learn how to use their abilities in their day to day life, in their jobs, raising their children and grandchildren. We have all psychic abilities and I want to help people understand those abilities and work with them rather than fear them.

I’m almost sixty five years old which means I don’t have that much time left to “git er dun.” The obituary is full of people my age, so with the time I do have left, I want to teach as much as I can. Watch my website for upcoming classes. Besides a psychic development class starting Tuesday, March 26th and an on-line psychic class starting March 17th, I want to do a healer mentorship class and a spiritual study group. This is what’s important.

I feel so relieved. So back on track. Don’t you hate that feeling when you’re doing something that goes against your path, but you just keep trying to make it happen anyway? Thank God spring is coming. We have alot to look forward to.

Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter