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‘From Surviving to Thriving As An Empath’ – With Bobby Sullivan


Have you been told that you are “too sensitive”? Have recent events in the world made it hard to get out of bed some days? Do others continuously overshare their deepest secrets with you? Do certain people drain your energy? If any of this sounds familiar to you…


Join me for my new 7 week online class – ‘From Surviving to Thriving As An Empath’ – Tuesday Evenings on Zoom:

All classes will be recorded so if you can’t make one of the classes, you will be able to view the entire class on demand

Classes are $20 per class. To Register go to—workshops.html

In this empowering class, we will learn how to gain a stronger sense of self, making it easier to identify what emotions are ours and which aren’t. We will take a journey through common traits we share as empaths, discover what having healthy boundaries looks like and how they can help us heal, where our strongest gifts lie and how to engage them well.

We will also discuss the struggles and gifts of being in a relationship with an empath and how to nourish and protect it, whether it’s with our children, partners, or close friends. With the world so energetically active, right now is the perfect time to take a deep dive into ourselves so we can stay centered and continue to help raise the vibration of the planet as we go through this ascension process.



Class 1 – The Path of an Empathic Soul: Tuesday July 21st -7pm-8:30pm

In Class 1 we will discuss why we have chosen to come in as empathic souls and the difference between being a Highly Sensitive Person and an empath. Learn about the common traits that empaths often share and how we can identify if we are indeed empathic. Hint- if you are drawn to this class, there’s a good reason for it!

Class 2 – Understanding the Different Types of Empaths?: Tuesday July 28th -7pm-8:30pm

In Class 2 we help identify our individual gifts through examining the different types of empaths, then take it deeper with a look at how these types show up in the world. Often we are using our gifts to some extent without consciously being aware of it. We can feel more in control and use our gifts intentionally when we identify our strengths.

Class 3: – Empathically Thriving in Relationships:  Tuesday August 4th -7pm-8:30pm

In this class we will examine the energy exchange that empaths create in their relationships with family, spouses and friends. We will look at the empath as a healer and how we have a tendency to attract certain types of energetic relationships as well as ideas to create new relationship rules that can help us thrive in all areas.

Class 4: Knowing yourself as an Empath: Tuesday August 11th -7pm-8:30pm

In Class 4 we take an intensive inventory of the ways we are affected by the energy we are surrounded by in all ways: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We will dive into how we process our life experiences as an empath, and begin to look at coping strategies for hard situations as well as how to have better balance in all relationships.

Class 5: Boundaries, Boundaries and more BoundariesTuesday August 18th -7pm-8:30pm

In this class we learn how to work on identifying areas in our lives where we need to develop stronger boundaries and discuss techniques that will help implement strategies for a stronger self.  With developing good boundaries, we feel our unique sense of self and learn to honor it through using the tools of clear communication, follow through and learning how important it is to be responsible for our own feelings and not other’s.

Class 6: Strategies to Being a Thriving Empath: Tuesday August 25th -7pm-8:30pm

In Class 6 we discover and engage with the different strategies and tools that help us be empowered so we can be as healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as possible. We also create an emergency go-to list for situations that may catch us off-guard.

Class 7: Ascension as an Empath: Tuesday Sept. 1st -7pm-8:30pm

In this class we put it all together to see the bigger picture. Being empathic is a natural path to ascending one’s soul. Once we bring our awareness to what our soul is doing and why, we can stop living in defensiveness and come from our hearts in a loving, safe manner. As we recognize our specific gifts and triggers, we can be in better alignment with ourselves, stay clear with ourselves, and do our best work in and for the world.


Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter