Meditation this Friday at 7:00 plus………………..

The Cottage House, 4304 Chicago is having a HUGE CLEARANCE SALE THIS WEEKEND. FRI-SUN. 10-5.When Ted’s in the mood to purge, the sales are phenomenal and he’s in the mood.

Bobby Sullivan will be the psychic this Saturday. Fernando and Tina will both be there, so if you need a healing, some body work or a great psychic reading, come by between 11-3 this Saturday.

I hope you can join me Friday night for a guided meditation. 45 minutes of relaxation and healing. No need to register. Just bring your beautiful self. I start the meditation promptly at 7:15 when we lock the door. $20.

Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Anonymous on July 29, 2016 at 1:07 pm

    Hi Echo, I am coming to your meditation tonight and I am hoping that it will give me some healing and HOPE that I am needing at this moment. I have been to a few of your meditations this Winter and early Spring and I loved them and found much comfort from them.

    My life feels like it is in a landslide of hopelessness that I can see happening but I can’t escape from. I’ve been sober for over six months and by the grace of God and an amazing sponsor I don’t feel the need to take a drink but I wish I could see how I can get out of this abusive relationship and be on my own. My loved ones don’t like my new non-tolerant self and due to a bad accident 14 months ago, I was left with a TBI and am not able to work to make an income to support myself.

    I am hoping for some healing and a “clearing of the cobwebs”, so to speak, so I can hear God speaking to me to show me the way. Right now, the pain and destruction that my partner delivers into my life just when I might start to get strong again feels overwhelming.

    Thank you for listening.
    My best,

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