Material or Spiritual Possessions?

I’m having another interesting experience today that I would like to blog about. Some of you might wonder if the kind of thing I’m writing about today is possible, and I can assure you it is.
My soul does a lot of traveling, and every once in awhile I’m privy to where she goes. Most of the information I write about in my books comes from my work with souls.

This morning my physical body was awakened by someone pounding on my door. My soul was definitely out of my body and I couldn’t physically move. I couldn’t open my eyes or speak. My body just lay in bed while my soul was very busy with many, many souls who are leaving the planet this week.

It was fascinating to watch this whole scenario take place. The person at my front door continued knocking. Then my home phone rang followed by my cell phone. I could not move a muscle. My soul came into my bedroom quickly to tell my body that there was a flower delivery and not to worry. That she’d be back in time to get it before it got too cold. My body made a sound, as if to say thank you and then my soul was off again.

I was literally right in the middle of both worlds. This side and the other side. There was a lot of chaos. I could see there was a very large group of souls who were waiting in line to get into heaven but they were very upset. They were upset about not being able to take their possessions with them.

Rings seemed very important. Their rings defined a certain status on earth and now what would they do without their rings. How would people know about them if they didn’t have their rings? Or their cars or their clothes? Clothes show a lot about a person. And now they didn’t have clothes. Their homes. They had worked so hard on their homes. And all the things they had collected over the years.

I could see other souls like myself trying to help these people understand that their life on earth was over and they were now being born into life on the other side but this particular group of people was very upset about it.

The whole scene reminded me of a plane full of people that were not going to their destination, or should I say the destination their physical body thought they were going to. Their souls had a different destination in mind and many of them were shouting:

Do-over. I want a do-over!

They were starting to realize life was not about material possessions. It was about how much their soul developed. What gems of knowledge was their soul carrying home with them. There were so many of them crying.

As I sit here at the keyboard typing as fast as I can to get all of this down, my soul is still out of my body and my body is craving chocolate which means she wants to feel more grounded.

I ask my inner guidance if I’m meant to share this information in a blog and I get a resounding YES. We’ve all been talking about 2012 all year and we are now just days away from its beginning.

There has been a shift in the last week that has been pretty intense energetically. If you are paying attention, this week you are feeling a lot more love than you have for some time. You might think it’s because of the holidays but it’s actually about so much more than that. This new energy has been healing our hearts so that we can open them back up and love deeply again.

I think of someone in my life who shut his heart down many years ago. Instead of opening up his heart, he simply finds fault with everyone so that he doesn’t have to open his heart ever again and that makes me so sad for him. At one time he was a very loving person but the hard knocks of life came knocking and he shut that loving heart of his down as tight as he could.

Over the years many people have shut off that love valve to protect themselves from getting hurt, but they are causing a great deal of hurt to themselves by being shut off. I would venture to say that right now the Universe is saying open up your heart and love each other. Live your life in love rather than fear, anger or hurt. Start seeing yourself as a soul-being rather than just a physical being. Look at your life from your soul’s perspective which is always about learning from everything you experience here on earth. Start building up your spiritual possessions.

Today when I was hearing all these voices saying:

“What about my rings, what about my money, how will people know about me if I don’t take those things with me,” I heard my soul telling them that people would know them by their energy. Their auras. What they truly are is energy. And the more we grow spiritually, the bigger and healthier our soul’s energy is.

I need to go and just be with this experience for awhile but I guess the words that I want to leave you with are how much of your identity is wrapped up in your material possessions? If you suddenly died today would you be happy with who you are and feel content taking JUST YOU back home to heaven or would you be upset like all the souls I’m seeing who only thought of themselves as a physical being? Who totally identified themselves by their material possessions? It’s definitely food for thought.

Happy Holidays seems like such a trite thing to say after all that, but I mean it. I hope you have a blessed holiday.



P.S. When I finally came back into my body, I checked the front door and found that someone very dear to me had sent me an adorable plant in a Christmas pitcher along with a big box of CHOCOLATES.

Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter