Life Doesn’t Have To Be So Shocking

I woke up today feeling concerned for people and my inner voice said Life Doesn’t Have To Be Shocking. I followed the words so to speak to see where the message was going and again it has to do with intuition. Most of the world lives by the voices in their head. The shoulds, the expectations, listening to the news everyday, wondering when the shoe is going to drop in their lives. EWE. The choices we think we have are so limited when we only live from our head. Let me give you some examples.

This is the week of Thanksgiving. Have you checked in with your intuition about what YOU should be doing? Have you felt little internal gnawings about what is right for you? There are probably lots of SHOULDS of what you SHOULD be doing but maybe your inner knowing thinks you should do something else. Maybe you’re too tired to go hang out with people. Maybe you need a full day of peacefulness in your jammies instead of going places you don’t want to go. Stay home and watch Hallmark movies. Shut your phone off and read a book.

I think about the recent news we’re all aware of. The horrible earthquake in Indonesia. This terrible war in Ukraine. Constant barrage of Trump news. Elon Musk completely changing Twitter. Basketball star Brittney Griner stuck in a penal colony in Russia. Mass shootings. Weather changes all over the globe causing massive traffic accidents. Walmart shooting. Outburst in the White House Briefing room. Should I go on? HELL NO. ENOUGH. This is literally what we wake up to everyday. NO GOOD NEWS. JUST THE BAD. So now I want you talk to you about how intuition helps us with these things.

Earthquakes: People had to have had a gut knowing that something was coming. If they trusted the gut feelings, they could have asked for guidance as to how to be safe. (I know that sounds very simplistic, but it’s true). We can’t change the war in Ukraine. If we could, we would have by now but we can ask our intuition how we can help the people of Ukraine and then listen for guidance. News about Trump or any of the politicians. Your gut will let you know if the information is accurate and if there is anything you should or could do about it. You may find out intuitively that the info is false and not to put any energy into it. Ask your gut if you should continue with Twitter or let it go. You don’t need the drama. I would guess Brittany Griners intuition told her not to pack the marijuana vape. She had to have had a gut feeling about it. If she did not get any guidance around it, then this is a karmic situation that she needs to go through unfortunately. Shootings around the country. Your inner voice will tell you not to go to work that day. It will always try to keep you safe. Weather is another thing. Before planning a trip, ask your inner guidance if it’s a good idea. Ask about roads and other forms of travel. You will get that inner positive nudge if it’s a YES and a dead feeling inside if the answer is NO.

LIFE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SCARY OR SHOCKING. You don’t have to live in fear of when is the other shoe going to drop. Every one of us has intuition. Our animals have it. That gut feeling that guides us. It’s located somewhere between your heart and your bellybutton. It’s an internal knowing. Unfortunately our head keeps us stuck in the shoulds and what if’s. Please try in the next few days to talk to your inner voice. Simply ask it for guidance each day when you wake up. Check in with it when you need to make decisions. This is divine guidance I’m talking about. It’s an energy within you that adores you and wants to make life easier for you. Please consider making life easier. You won’t regret it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

If you need more information on living intuitively there are several books on the market including one of mine called A Still Small Voice. Some authors confuse psychic abilities with intuition. These are two separate parts of you so make sure when searching for a book that they are talking about the divine essence within you.


Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter