Echo Bodine How To Live A Happy Ever Afterlife

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Well-known psychic and ghost hunter, Echo Bodine, started seeing spirits as a young girl and has been helping to set them free for decades. Most of these spirits have one thing in common—unfinished business from their lives that leaves them restless, unable to let go and move on. Some souls choose to remain closer to this dimension rather than move into the light when they die.

Here, Bodine shares her experiences and compelling investigations that have led her to see the issues from a spirit’s living time on Earth which have left them restless and unable to cross over. Each story is accompanied by an exercise that will help the reader avoid the fate of a trapped, angry, or unprepared soul.

How To Live a Happily Ever Afterlife is an eye-opening look at spirits—at what compels and holds them—and what you can do to avoid the same fate.