I Don’t Get It…

by Echo Bodine

I got a very sweet but sad email today from a woman who has denied her psychic gifts all of her life, for fear of what her Christian family would say. After a lot of praying, she decided to tell her family about her gifts. She said she felt so much better coming out of the “psychic closet” and for being true to herself and God, but the bummer is that her family will no longer let her see her grandchildren.

Will someone explain to me what Christians have against the Gifts of the Spirit?

When and where in the world did all of this get so screwed up? People claim to be Christians, yet they denounce the Gifts of the Spirit? Are they so stuck in the Old Testament that they haven’t gotten to Corinthians yet?

Don’t they know that the Gifts of the Spirit, which include the Gift of Prophecy and the Gift of Healing, both come from the Holy Spirit? Since when did people decide these gifts come from Satan?

What is this all about?

I don’t get it.

False prophets – is that it? The Old Testament tells us to beware of false prophets, and I totally agree with that. Don’t be taken by low-lifes claiming to have psychic abilities but the Old Testament is full of positive stories about the prophets. That’s where the priests got their information is from the prophets and their visions.

Priests and prophets used to hang out together. They were pals.

I have a question for you folks who believe the Gifts of the Spirit are evil or satanic: If Jesus does come back, how are you going to recognize him, since he too has these gifts? What if he shows up Sunday at your church telling you about the value of the gift of prophecy and healing?

Are you going to throw Jesus out? Call him evil?

Oh wait. I think I know the answer.

You’ll look to the minister or priest and ask him what you should believe. Here’s a guy, claiming to be the returned Messiah, using Gifts of the Spirit to minister to you and you’re going to do … what?! Maybe you haven’t thought that far. Maybe you want to keep it simple and put everyone that has these gifts in the category of evil or demonic because that would make life easier.

Well, that’s just not realistic. More and more people are coming out of the “psychic closet.” Many of the young children that have been born in the last few years are very gifted and I hate the thought that they are going to grow up thinking that they have to deny their god given gifts because the very people that should be embracing these gifts are calling them demonic.

Christians. Really? You call yourselves Christians? I don’t get it.

The people I would really like to address are the millions of gifted people out there who are afraid to tell your loved ones you have spiritual gifts. I have met many of you who pray and ask God to take your gifts away, and what happens is that they get stronger.

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I went through this many times throughout my career, when long time friends would stop being my friend because their minister told them to stay away from me.

Please – stop feeling like you’re guilty of something. Stop feeling that you have to defend yourself. Check your own self for your beliefs about these gifts.

Maybe there’s a part of you that thinks these are bad gifts to have. That you are somehow going against what God wants you to do. It’s really important for us to check our own beliefs because as long as we have doubts about these gifts, we will attract people that have the same doubts.

When you stand in your truth and know this is a God given gift and God wants you to use your gifts for the good of others, people will no longer try to convince you otherwise.

Every time I was attacked one way or another by someone claiming to be Christian, my mom would always tell me to pray for them. Like Jesus on the cross when he said forgive them Father for they know not what they do.

As we begin the year 2016, my hope is that we get closer to everyone recognizing and embracing the gifts God has given them. I want everyone that has these gifts to experience the amazing calmness inside when the struggle is over. It’s so worth it.

God bless and Happy New Year!

To learn more about how to develop your psychic spiritual gifts in 2016, visit Echo’s calendar or study with Echo online. The next e-course begins January 25, 2016.