After my last entry, a lot of people emailed to see if I was still doing readings, and yes I am. Kinda, sorta.

The source that my information comes from has gotten a bit stern with people lately telling them they don’t need a reading. He/She gives them a one liner like heal your fears or the one I heard on Friday was what prompted me to write this Blog. He/She told the client to imagine herself on a life raft in the middle of the ocean. She couldn’t see land and had no idea where she was going. Then invite God to come and sit with her on the raft and learn how to talk to God and learn how to listen. He/She told her to do this for two weeks and see how much it transforms her life.

The problem for all of us when it comes to developing our spirituality is there are so many doggone distractions all around us. We have to run an errand, get the kids off to school, what’s for dinner, mow the lawn, take care of a sick person, go to bed, wake up, eat healthy, remember to program the dvr, pay the bills, don’t forget everyone’s birthday, feed the birds, get the oil changed in the car, answer the texts, check Facebook, get exercise. I could go on and on but you get the picture. We are insanely busy and often times, there is very little time to develop a really cool relationship with God. It’s kind of like me and the treadmill. I always intend to do it TOMORROW.

The Blog I wrote last month was about a deep belief we all have about believing we need to suffer and I was very surprised at the enormous response I got from people. First off, I’m always surprised that people read the bogs in the first place, but to realize how many people could relate was very surprising and wonderful. So many people emailed and told me they were really going to work on getting rid of that old belief.

I saw a sign in a magazine that I absolutely loved and wanted to order it but my inner voice told me to wait, which I did be-grudgenly. Two days later my inner voice told me to stop at the Garden Store, which was kind of strange because I was trying NOT to buy any more flowers, but I went in and there on the wall was the same sign I wanted, for half the price in the magazine. It said:


Those words really struck me. Happiness is not a destination. Don’t a lot of us think that if we suffer here on Earth, then we get to be happy in heaven? Isn’t happiness our reward at the end of hard work. We come here, have a hard life and then be rewarded for all that hard work in heaven.

I now have this sign hanging right next to my desk and I’m going to look at it everyday until I get this ingrained in my being. HAPPINESS IS A WAY OF LIFE.

So back to my client. My former minister Ken Williamson once gave a sermon on Gods phone number not being 911 which has always stuck with me. He talked about the importance of talking and listening to God every day and building up a good relationship during the good times so that when the tough times hit, we would immediately know where to turn. Learning how to talk to God and how to listen takes a lot of practice.

People tell me they don’t want to bother God with their problems or that God’s got bigger things to take care of and doesn’t have time for them. Oh contrare mo nah me. (on the contrary my darling). If you are a parent and your child said that about you, what would your response be? You’d tell them that that is just plain silly and that you would love to hear from them and help them out with anything going on in their lives.

So why would God be any different. He/She must have figured they could handle all these people or they wouldn’t have continued to create more of them, right?

So we need to first of all, get over this idea that God has too much on his/her plate to listen to our wimpy little problems, and secondly, our problems aren’t wimpy!!! It’s tough being here on this planet trying to develop our souls to our highest potential. It takes a lot of courage to come here, and the good news is that we have the voice of God inside us to give us the needed guidance (which is of course intuition).

So let’s tie this all together. How is your relationship with God? Are you happy with the way it’s going? Do you trust the guidance you get? Have you learned how to hear that still small voice within? Do you take the time daily to work on that relationship so that HAPPINESS is a way of life for you?What do you think about the idea of visualizing yourself on a raft with God for the next two weeks so that you can really get to know the source that loves you un-conditionally?

We all have different reasons for coming here this lifetime, but on everyone’s list of “to do’s” is getting to know the REAL God. Getting to know the real source of our being. Learning how to talk to and hear that still small voice within. There’s a very sweet little book that I love reading every night before I go to sleep. It’s a daily meditation book called Around the Year with Emmet Fox. There is a tremendous amount of wisdom in the Bible if you know how to interpret it and I believe Fox was one of the best at interpreting the messages. If you’re wanting more of a connection to God but don’t know where to start, I suggest Fox’s book and I also suggest A Still Small Voice by me. Let’s jump on this bandwagon together and learn to be happy now.

We can do this. We can get over this stupid belief that it’s important for us to suffer and we can start living in happiness.

Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter