9 am Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism – Timothy Cope

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The Way of the ShamanĀ®

Shamanic Journeying, Power and Healing

The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism

taught by Timothy Cope

During this experiential workshop

participants are introduced to core

shamanism, the universal and nearuniversal,

and common methods of

the shaman to enter non-ordinary

reality for problem solving and healing.

Particular emphasis is put on the

classic shamanic journey, one of the

most remarkable visionary methods

used by humanity to explore the

hidden universe otherwise known

mainly through myth and dream.

Participants are initiated into shamanic

journeying, aided by drumming and

other techniques for experiencing the

shamanic state of consciousness and for

awakening dormant spiritual abilities.

They will learn how the journey is

utilized to restore spiritual power and

health and how shamanism can be

applied in contemporary life to help

heal oneself, others, and the planet.

Completion of this workshop qualifies

participants to take more advanced

workshops and training courses from the

Foundation for Shamanic Studies, the

premier international school of shamanism

founded by Michael Harner. To learn more,

visit: www.shamanism.org.


Saturday & Sunday,

February 25 & 26, 2017

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


5356 Chicago Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Workshop fee:


Registration Deadline:

Thurs. February 15, 2017

TIMOTHY COPE is a Twin Cities writer,

storyteller, firewalker and shamanic

practitioner who has been exploring

the shamanic path for over 33 years,

principally under the guidance of

Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman.

He has been certified as a shamanic

counselor by the Foundation for

Shamanic Studies and been extensively

trained in a wide range of shamanic

techniques. For over 21 years, he

has taught classes in shamanism

and facilitated journeying circles at

Pathways, an alternative healing center

in Minneapolis. Timothy is on the

faculty of the Foundation for Shamanic

Studies. He lives and maintains a

healing practice in Minneapolis.

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