The Soul’s Path – 4 part-Zoom

Starts January 12, 2022 then every Wednesday until February 2, 2022
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Location: Online - Zoom

The Soul’s Path
In this 4-part live Zoom series, renowned psychic Echo Bodine answers our questions about the soul’s journey before birth, through life’s ups and downs, the dying process, and into the afterlife. All sessions are recorded for playback.

Class begins January 12, 2022
Wednesdays at 6 CST for 4 weeks. Calls are recorded for playback.

This may change what you thought you knew about the soul’s journey…
What does the soul look like? Are there different “levels” of souls? What are the Akashic Records? Why do we go through struggles and what are the reasons behind our challenges? What does dying feel like? Does the soul miss life? Who do we meet on the Other Side? In this four-week series, Echo Bodine will answer these questions and many more.

Session 1: Pre-Birth and the Planning of Life

Session 2: Life itself, Why We Experience Challenges, and How We Can Help Others

Session 3: The Dying Experience and What the Soul Experiences

Session 4: Heaven and the Afterlife

$160.00 one time Payment

Join all four sessions and you’ll have access to our private discussion community and access to the recordings of all calls. To purchase individual sessions, write to us at

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