SACRED ROSE CEREMONY -Sara Anondson – 7 pm

Time: to

Sacred Rose Ceremony with Group Sound Bath
Friday’s; 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

August 16
September 27

Location: Large Auditorium Space

Looking for a way to slip into your weekend with stress relief and pure relaxation?
Join us for a group session where Sara will help you relax and connect into the high vibration of the rose energy by using this beautiful plant medicine. She guides you through a meditative journey where you meet the spirit of rose where you will experience this powerful tool to help support physical ailments, emotional issues, negative thoughts, spiritual blocks, boosting resilience and more.
While you enjoy this peaceful state, we will transition to a beautiful sound bath where Angela will nurture you into a parasympathetic state to take you deeper into relaxation with the healing sound frequency of her crystal singing bowls. Throughout this journey both providers will be sending beautiful loving reiki energy to each of you to bringing deep healing.

Please bring:
• Floor mat or blanket to lay on and cover up
• Zero Gravity Chair and blanket
• Eye covering if desired
• Ear plugs if sensitive to sound bath
• Small notebook/pen or pencil (record your journey)
If you have questions please contact Sara or Angela:

Registration Info:
Personal Investment is $33. per person.
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Angela Eischens
Sara Anondson
(612) 255-4213