REIKI SHARE CLASS-Sara Anondson 12pm

Lavender Room, The Center

Title: Reiki Share Class, Sara Anondson, Instructor


We will start our Reiki share with a group meditation for grounding and opening to the Reiki energy flow. We will then transition to our Reiki share where we will provide energetic Reiki healing to each practitioner. Tables will be provided, so there is no need to bring anything but yourself. We will end with a closing clearing and grounding before sending you off filled with love and light.
Green Room (limit is 10 people, including tables)

Sunday, May 21st 12-4pm
Sunday, June 11th 12-4pm
Sunday, July 9th 12-4pm
Sunday, August 20th 12-4pm
Sunday, September 17th 12-4pm
Sunday, October 15th 12-4pm
Sunday, November 12th 12-4pm
Sunday, December 10th 12-4pm

Link for participants to register: